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8/8/2018 c13 Guest
I'm crying
7/27/2015 c31 Khalua
What!? No way! You come back years later and finish this! I NEED to know what happens!
10/6/2013 c1 rocketice12
Please finish this story it's so spectacular. You're inspiring me to write a fanfic on four brothers. Please finish this story
1/27/2013 c31 1Megs132
Please finish this story.. I feel depressed without knowing if it's a Noah or a Brooklyn Eve... /3
10/3/2012 c30 70Tara Laurel iPod decided to submit my last review before I was ready for it to...

Anyway...I have my own stories that are desperate for updates so I can't talk here. BUT if you do ever update, I will be elated. No pressure, of course! We all understand the busyness of life and how sometimes we misplace our muse for these stories.

Thanks for the great story!
10/3/2012 c31 Tara Laurel
I was intrigued by your story as I was sifting through older works to satisfy my Four Brothers fix.

I read the comment that you received. It was snide and lacked any backbone or evidence. I have to admit, I was a tad apprehensive as to the possible MarySue element of this story. I was concerned when it began during the timeframe of the movie that it would simply be a rehashing of the film events, with the OC adding some dialogue and drama here and there and then the OC saving Jack, and the day,

Although Maddie did save Jack, which reads as MarySue, there is plenty of other evidence against it.

Bobby liking Maddie could also be taken as a MarySue red alert, but yet, I don't think so. He does what he does out of confusion, not burning love for Maddie. Also, there isn't some big drawn out, dramatic, macho battle of wits, romance and fists between the brothers over her.

Maddie has flaws. Not a trait of a MarySue. You root for her, you yell at her, etc.

Simply by noting the title of this story, one can deduce that it is going to be about this girl. If readers want brothers-centric fiction, then they should read something else and not bash an author for their choice in plot, OC,etc. Yes, there are a lot of OCs in this, but readers can't expect the brothers to just sit at home with each other forever. In real life, we meet new people, new friends, lovers, etc. We should want the characters that we love so much to be happy (even if it is all fiction). Do we want them to be alone forever?

I liked Maddie's backstory. It was sad, but not so over the top to make it cliche for this fandom.

I also liked the amount of flashbacks. Dropping a character in without any prior history leaves a bad taste in my mouth. The progression of getting to know Maddie was done nicely.

Overall, there might be some MarySue moments - especially if you go in looking for them instead of enjoying the story - but I thoroughly enjoyed this. After 4 years of stagnancy, I don't have my hopes up, but
11/1/2010 c13 9Y3lloFever
This chapter was perfect! Jack is so cute
11/1/2010 c6 Y3lloFever
Aww this chapter was so sad.
11/1/2010 c2 Y3lloFever
Love this story! Can't wait to read more.
9/6/2010 c29 1Psycho-Bunny1309
67 Impala. A driver that loves classic rock. Gee, that sounds soooo familiar but I just can't put my finger on it. ^_^ Dean's got some competition, I'm rootin for Jack. He's taller and cuter than Dean, even though Dean does have a super hot younger brother. Love the story, UPDATE! The wait is killing me!
1/6/2010 c31 Angellia
Ow wow! I hope you come back to this fic one day, it's freakin amazing!
6/15/2009 c11 Me from Sweden
fuck why did she took the bullet? it's destroys everything.
1/23/2009 c31 1Ithilya
Really like it so far :D

Can't wait for more

Ithilya x
11/18/2008 c31 FourVampires28
First off, this is NOT, i repeat, NOT a flame but how could you leave it at this! It's cruel!
9/17/2008 c31 Aria DeLoncray
Great story! I really don't see how anyone could call Maddie a Marysue. She's definitely not. Can't wait for the next chapter.
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