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7/13/2006 c6 OpheliasCousin

I really liked this chapter. I liked how you put the letter in and I liked the letter itself.

You are very descriptive with things which helps me paint a picture in my head.

Good job cutie!, Good job!
7/12/2006 c5 OpheliasCousin

Okay so its 1:00 am...i like this chapter...the whole trying to be romantic thing was funny...anyway time to stop reading for today...i think im gonna go sleep...
7/12/2006 c4 OpheliasCousin

WOAH getting pretty racey there huh?

I love you anyway
7/12/2006 c3 OpheliasCousin

Ok so its really late now but im reading cuz im kinda hooked...

This chapter is so cute!

I wish a boy would do that to me...well maybe not exactly that but, you know, something close to that...

Another good chapter in my head kudos to you

Anyway its late and i could write more but i dont feel like it right now...

And this is not the worst chapter its cute damnit!
7/12/2006 c2 OpheliasCousin

Okay so down to business!

Things in this one are funny i like it a whole super lot!

You and your non-schooled talents amaze me and sorta make me jealous...but i love you anyway...

Thank you lots for helping me pick a nickname...even though i made you do it ten million times...

Ops sidetracked...anyway good story all-in-all...

In the words of my past sayings and such...

I thought your story was pretty sweet, pretty sweet!
7/12/2006 c1 OpheliasCousin
HEY CUTIE! Guess who it is...the whole OpheliasCousin thing should give it away...anyway good begining I cant wait to read the i have no sentance structure...ah teach me how to write darn you teach me!
7/7/2006 c25 Lady of chaos and tragedy
I must be completely and totally honest with you...

I don't really like your story... *Jacqs cringes against Madame Ophelia's retaliation* let me explain first, b4 you kill me! *Jacqs checks to make sure that she's still alive* Whew, no blood..

I really think that you're a good writer, great imagination. A god given talent for tieing events in your story together, I am so jealous of that, btw. And this story is pretty well written... And thought up.. But the reason I don't like it is this; I can't connect with Maddy! I mean, I don't feel like know her AT ALL from reading the ficcie. And I really want to, too... Instead, I'm sitting here, hating her for taking Jack... *mutters profanity* (my Jack, Maddy! All mine!)

Yeah, I guess maybe I'm not being fair, 'cause it could be just me... *Jacqs sticks out tongue at herself* But d'ya think maybe you could go into Maddy's POV a little more? Give us a little more of her feelings.. her personality.

Kk, I'm through!

'Yeah right..'

Jacqs- Shut up you evil voices in my brain! *runs around in mind chasing evil voices with baseball bat*

alright, you're free to kill me now!
7/5/2006 c25 ImAdctd2A3rdClssRkStr
*still muttering about ruined master plans...* You're... you're... *curses the fact that I don't possess the power to be mean to you...* Well, you're just... MEAN! Yeah, mean...

Actually... you are mean! *cries* Bobby... and then Charlie... and then they... *sobs* Why? Couldn't we have just gone with the whole "MUHAHAH! I HIT YOU WITH SOAPY BUBBLES, MUHAHAH!" (But Jack and Maddie didn't really say that... but they totally should have. Totally...)

Make up sex. (Whao, random much?) Yes... Make up sex. Lots, and lots, of make up sex. Got it? No? Let me explain... (oh... this should be good...)

Well, you see... either Bobby or Charlie will say something about how stupid the fight was. Bobby will then murdare Chris... wash the blood off of himself... and as he is doing that- Charlie will call someone to look after Hope. With Hope out of the house, Bobby and Charlie will be free to swipe the contents of the kitchen table onto the floor. After that is done, Bobby will undo Charlie's pants with his teeth and- *is forced to stop writing this by some unknown force*

Fine! I won't tell you how the story goes... *sulks*

I lurve you! Remember... MAKE UP SEX!

So sorry for this... really...


6/30/2006 c25 BeautifulLove
NEW READER! I so love it! It has taken mw 2 days but i have finally finihsed! and might i say it was perfect in every way possible! Update soon!
6/28/2006 c25 Sweet-Romantic
I love the story so far
6/28/2006 c25 RillianHedley
Why'd you have them fight? Can you answer me that Heather? They going so well and then you just go an kill the relationship...But I still LOVED the chapter!

Now who is this mystery lady of Daniel's? I really want to know...Now tell me. Please?

Jack and Maddie are quite adorable...I love them!

6/27/2006 c25 C
Just so you know, I absolutely love love love your story. You really have a gift for writing. Your characters are great and the plot is awesome. Keep writing cause you're doing a fantastic job!

6/27/2006 c25 KieraKay91
Oh my god! I loved this chapter so much! Power Wower Time! -Clears throat- GIRL YOUR WRITING IS SO RAD AND WICKED! i LOVE IT! YOU EXPLAIN EVERYTHING SO WELL! I loved the Daniel scene it was so sweet and the conflit between Bobby and Charlie. Battle of the hot-heads! Aw the story is going to end soon? That's not right...

Anyways, please update soon!

6/26/2006 c25 Bigamericanflirt
AW i loved it! This such a cute chapter! I love Maddie and Jack relationship! they are just too cute! I really hope Bobby and Charlie work it out because they are two of a kind. They are perfect for each other. I love Hope she is so adorable. I cant wait to read more! Update soon!

Hey check out my story The Perfect, Nosoperfect life, and tell me what you think. Just thought i would throw that in there! haha!
6/26/2006 c25 1Abby Kovac

Geriks ready to loose it...Drop-Dead-Fred is over...hehehehe

Omg you made me cry...I so wouldn't do that to Bobby! hm any of you readers out there...ya I'm Charlie, or who Charlie is based off of...AND I DO NOT HAVE A KID, AND IM NOT A NURSE (EW), IM NOT EVEN OUT OF HIGHSCHOOL! That was all Dr. Jeck- I mean Miss. Hydes idea... LOL Heather don't hurt me... " Don't be offended by my frank analysis, just think of it as personailty dialisis...Just remember thats theres nothing that can stop you from being populer-LAR..."(I love Wicked! Any nit-pickers out there- the stuff in quote above it quoted to Wicked)

In the words of Susan Kay, "Awesome" Chapter...

Well talking to IM soo to ya there...

*A B B Y*
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