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8/9/2008 c31 1Psycho-Bunny1309
Hey, awesome chapter, please update again soon, looking forward to it.
7/12/2008 c31 wildpiratecelt
I missed this fic. Glad to see you're back :)

I love Lestat.

Please, please don't let it be a miscarriage
7/6/2008 c31 3Queen Jane Approximately
Hi! I haven't reviewed this before but I just wanted to let you know that I really like your story a lot - though it took me a couple of days to get through it all, lol. (I also was almost finished reviewing a couple of minutes ago when AOL decided to kick me off like it always does at the most inopportune times, so now I have to remember everything I typed before from memory. Which is so frustrating because I usually always copy my reviews as I'm writing them over Word or WordPad or something just in case that happens - I tend to leave pretty lengthy ones, and I hate having to remember them all the time, lol - and I didn't do that this time, so yeah, I'm not a happy camper right now, lol.) Anyway, ramblings aside, I don't think that Maddie is a Mary-Sue at all. It doesn't sound like that reviewer you mentioned really gave this story a chance since he/she only read and reviewed up to the fifth chapter - *and* didn't even give you a reason as to why they think Maddie is a Sue; that would have bothered me the most. That's pretty ridiculous - unless they read the entire story but even if they'd done that it would be really strange for them to go back only to "review" Chapter Five. Either way, I think the general consensus here agrees that this is a pretty awesome story, so I wouldn't worry too much about it (that's great that it got you writing again, though!). :)

Anyway, personally I think Maddie is a very relatable and real character, and I hate to sound selfish, but some aspects of her personality remind me of myself somewhat (I guess that's what I mean by relatable, lol). I like her and I like the relationship that she and Jack have. They are just adorable together, and I think they really balance each other out very well in many ways. I also love that they were best friends prior to getting together romantically - I toyed with that idea for a little while because it's timeless and I just love it, but I'm not sure I'd be able to re-create it in this fandom after reading this, lol. I loved all of the flashback scenes to their childhood, too, and you've also got some other great original characters sprinkled throughout.

The only concrit I have is that, in the chapters prior to this one, there were a lot of little technical errors, such as periods where commas should have been and things like that. They were mostly in dialogue, and easily fixable, and I'm just assuming that since you mentioned it's been quite a while since you've updated and that this is under construction that those will be corrected eventually. It's not a huge deal, though, and it's nothing personal, of course, but I just wanted to point it out because things like that have always bothered me, regardless of who's writing, lol. Also, in a couple of previous chapters (probably with the exception of this one, though), her pregnancy is supposed to have progressed further, right? I just mentioned that because, even though we know she is pregnant, there weren't very many indications to that so it would have been easy for readers to forget - and I sort of did, briefly, at one point, lol. I'm a detail freak, so if I were you, I might go back and say something about how, while they were on their road trip and during the time that she was driving, it was slightly uncomfortable for her to fit behind the steering wheel (because if she is eight or nine months along, I imagine it would be, lol), or just allude to some motherly, endearing pregnancy habit she has (she might already have something like that and I just missed it, LOL), or something else that might be uncomfortable for her. Then again, I'm only seventeen and personally know nothing about what it's like physically or emotionally to be pregnant - I'm just making assumptions so take this with a grain of salt, LOL.

However, I do love Jack and Maddie's ongoing battle about the baby's gender, lol. That's so cute.

So this review has been epic enough already, but I just thought that I *would* review and let you know how much I am enjoying this and that I'm eagerly awaiting the next chapter! I only just saw Four Brothers for the first time in February, and I haven't read a lot of fics in this fandom beyond what my friends have posted, only one of which has really been romance (which is weird considering I might be one of the most hopeless romantics you'll ever meet, LOL), so yours is kind of one of the first I've read of said romance genre and I'm very impressed. Wonderful job. :)


Queen Jane
6/29/2008 c11 curlytopkristi
great story
6/29/2008 c31 KieraKay91
FINALLY WOMEN! I shouldn't be talking i haven't updated in a year or so. Oh i loved this chapter. I guess Maddie has a surprise coming her way. Update soon and not in another year or so... LOL
6/25/2008 c31 2Anaeli
OMG! your backk! lol!

evil cliffy darling! must update soon!

yay! keep writing!
6/24/2008 c31 anonymous101
yeah, I'm really far too lazy to start an account on this site, so bear with my anonymous-ness. I really do enjoy your story. Definitely AU, but I'm not seeing the Mary-Sue. I personally think you should keep going with it. You could always pull a Jack and replace your muse if it's not working out. In any case, if you keep updating (and I hope you will cuz this story is far better than some of the crap in this fandom) I will keep reading.
6/24/2008 c31 1crosbyfan21
*squeels* Oh my god! You have no idea how happy I am right now that you updated. It's funny, when I opened my inbox and saw an email that said there was a new chapter, I thought I was seeing things.

Anyway, amazing chapter of course. Bobby got married? That's hard to beleive lol. And poor Daniel :( I hope everything works out for him.

Maddie's having the baby! :o yay! :)

Whoever wrote that review was a jerk. I'll beat them up for you if you want lol. Seriously though, you are an amazing writer. You're always the first person I go to when I need advice for my own story. *big hugs* I hope it's not another year before the next chapter. I love this story. Keep up the good work :)
6/24/2008 c31 10XxCrash.And.BurnXx
*screams herself*




I'm not happy.

But I did squeal at the mention of the Impala.


I MISS DEAN! *sobs*

That episode makes me CRY.


everytime I watch it.

Jared = greatness.

Jensen = .

Sorry, off topic.

You understand what I'm ranting about so I think its okay.


YAY! for the update.

BOO for the ending.


Okay, I feel better.

I really need to write.

6/24/2008 c31 12xxlyssxx
that reviewer was absolutely mad flaming your story like that.

this is the best four brothers story on and i've waited a long time for this. the chapter was everything i hoped it would be and more. pure perfection.

i'm on the edge of my seat ophelia hyde.

6/24/2008 c31 Athena
Sorry about the flame, but at least it got you to write some. :) I hope you're not too upset about it anymore.

It took you long enough to update, ya know. This was a great chapter so I guess it was worth the wait. Poor Daniel, though. He sure took it hard. And the very, very end has a me a little concerned.


(Right now I'm at the office so I'm sure the review was disappointing, but I'm supposed to be redirecting phone calls. :P)
6/24/2008 c31 22Beccatdemon13
Yay! You updated. It was very good even if we had to wait a year. It's a shame how negative people can be but that person was just angry that they couldn't write a better story if they tried. So, what if this actually is a Mary-sue. It's the best Mary-sue I've ever read!
6/24/2008 c31 1Mart7
Wah *cries in joy* That was UNFAIR! I wasn't at all ready! I just opened my mailbox and saw my favorite story u-p-d-a-t-e-d.

Now back to the story, even if just for a moment, I am stunned. I missed this deeply... I- I don't know what to say. I think I did all the praising in my long dated reviews and i feel there is absolutely nothing I can say anymore.

Your writing to me, is something "out of the box", if you know what I mean, and no matter how good you get I can't just bring myself high enough to say something useful.

It has been so long... I miss talking to you if you happen to remember lil old Mart ( :

I changed my e-mail, by the way but if you want it, I can give it to you!

Hopefully, we'll talk again soon! I miss you, dear : )


6/24/2008 c31 Eveline Wulf
Marvelous chapter.

Probably your best so far.

Let me just say that idiot reviewed Ch. 5 so without giving it a chance they flamed the best story in the fandom.

I feel really lucky to know how the story goes down in the end but if I hadn't been informed I'd be on the edge of my chair.

Friggin' fantastic!

You are really talented, Heather.

Don't let people put you down.

Criticism happens to everyone and people won't always like your work but the important thing is to never give up because you have to keep going.


Ps. Thank you for dedicating it to me!
6/24/2008 c5 Honestly
Mary Sue.

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