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for Oh, That Was Smooth

6/1/2017 c1 Guest
I think ... I think... I think I'm gonna be si-BLAAARRRGGGHHHH URGH BLARRRRGGGGHHHHH

(wiping the vomit from my lips and looking for a fountain to rinse my mouth out)
5/27/2011 c1 79Glorioux
Thank goodness..you had me.. Ron yay..
2/22/2008 c1 1Skyline Romance
haha! I love stories like this w/ crazy people and great voldie deaths! thanks :P
8/2/2007 c1 5Punkindoodle
I really love the way you write- so in your face!

6/12/2007 c1 5MeliusAritara
I don't think I have ever laughed harder... a true wtf fic ^^
5/30/2007 c1 Gryffindorcherry2010
teehee! that was halarious, except the whole spape+hermione sex. eww
10/21/2006 c1 sara
haha, lol, that was so random! now i want to kno wat happens w/ron & snape! lol, keep writing!
7/6/2006 c1 7FluffySmarts
pro-ron? lol... i hate ron.

buthim and ron? Priceless! lol

i love it! soo kool!

5/12/2006 c1 KahriKay
That was absolutely awesome and funny!
4/23/2006 c1 5rpmuleftw
LOL! This was hilarious! I love it! Haha..so original.
4/5/2006 c1 Kitkat kid


3.Ron is such a gay freak...

4.all I have to say is...

2/6/2006 c1 Natalie
This was pretty funny. I liked it.
2/6/2006 c1 23Smerby

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