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7/24 c1 The Real Hell Fire
Vader could have held her up by the neck with force choke, and you made Buffy win against him becauseā€¦.?
3/2/2019 c25 28JustWriter2
A beautiful amber color for Buffy's lightsaber I think
7/28/2018 c31 Sharie kazam
i was a bit hmmm when i first looked at this story but the more i read the more i enjoyed it. Its well paced and i enjoyed the characters very much, with enough snark to keep it funny yet plenty of angst too.
if you decide to write more i will be very interested in reading this.
6/6/2018 c26 JustWriter2
Nickname for Palpatine: Pulpy Prune
3/18/2018 c31 19crocket
awesome story
2/12/2018 c1 Ceps
Plz update this story its much better than the game of thrones one though if it was just huffy and game of thrones it would probably be good to
1/6/2018 c31 Acesnowlightning
I enjoyed it very much, even when I have not watched and I have no idea about buffy.
1/5/2018 c31 46Constance Truggle
It's been a while, but I had to read through this again. I enjoy it, and I hope one day that you complete it. It has great promise.

12/12/2017 c1 asteria.skye.queen
I Love it. Ignore the "pathetic little loser" that can't write constructive criticism. Or even argure without swearing and personal attacks. Who must have a sad little life that the needs to put others down safe behind the cloak of annonomity, rather than proper constructive criticism or simply not reading and saying nothing. Thank you for the hard work you put into writing and the courage to post it on a site well-known for it cruel cowardly small-minded little trolls.
9/24/2017 c31 erik
A cracking good fun story with a pleasant deviation from the normal character insertion and blind following of canon event.

Well done.
6/21/2017 c31 Lara
I love your story a writing style hope you update soon
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