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4/5/2011 c5 4AmatureAuthor
*drool* *nosebleed* yaoi...

I love DaiSato/SatoDai. I love it more when its well written. I love it the most when its well written, has sour goodness, and ISNT pointless smut. All in all, YOU'RE AWESOME!
1/17/2010 c9 12Ally-Cat2013
wow...just wow...
12/14/2009 c9 8Q3APo
you make the story funny at the beginning but it gradually becomes angsty. please keep it funny. but nice story. i laugh when i imagine hiwatari's face while niwa harassing him.
11/8/2008 c3 1Alaisiagae
could you be more specific on Satoshi's hentai thoughts?

lol kidding kidding

(cuz hentai IS perverted, but it doesn't MEAN perverted. hentai is pr0n)
11/5/2008 c9 11Wing012
I actually screamed out "No" when I finished the chapter. It is not fair! I wish to know what the Glass Illusion does!

I am laughing over Daisuke's actions and I'm feeling sorry for Dark and Satoshi. I love how Krad's still being his creepy homicidal self while tormenting Satoshi.

I don't suppose you'll be updating anytime soon?
3/3/2008 c1 17RaineArilan
Hmm, so far very interesting. I'm enjoying the dialog and length, and I have to say, for a first fanfic it is very impressive. I think I'm going to read the rest.

Two quick things though.

1) You do seem to switch between past and present tense a lot. And while most things are written in past tense, present is acceptable as well. The problem is, flopping back and forth is really hard to follow. It's definitely something you'd want to look for in editing or get yourself a Beta to go over your stuff before posting.

2) Satoshi says to Krad that he doesn't have time for his "criticizes". The word you meant was criticisms. Don't worry, my spell checker does stuff like that to me all the time.

PS: "You sly dog. You got me monologuing." :snickers: Sorry, I couldn't help myself.
4/29/2007 c9 14Antifishestablishmentarianist

I'd like to say in response to your question, that the conversation is fine the way it is.

I'm really enjoying this fic. I don't normally read shonen-ai, but I have to say, that this story has me hooked. I'm really quite amused.

I'm a newcommer to the DNAngel series,but I'm hooked on that and I'm glad that this is the first fanfiction I read in this fandom. I have to say I'm disappointed in the lack of fanfictions written about Satoshi and his low blood sugar and other health problems. I mean, seriously, someone could have a bunch of fun with that...

Uh, anyway...

Well, I've noticed that your tense is inconsistant within the story. I'd suggest checking it over after you finish writting it to look for those errors. If you'd like, I'd volunteer to do that myself. Don't get me wrong, this is great fic, but it could be so much better if people didn't have to stop and try to work out the meaning of a sentance. Just a thought.

I just hope that poor, poor, Satoshi doesn't get *cough*molested*cough*... That would suck for him. I doubt that he needs any more mental scarring...

I hope you'll update soon! ^_^

~ Ty
4/22/2007 c9 Arie Date
You do know that it's been almost 9 months since you've updated this right? I was wondering if you were ever going to update. I've been following this story so far and I think that while the concept is rather good the execution is a bit disjointed. I mean for 1 wouldn't Riku talk to Emiko and ask her what is wrong with her son? And wouldn't Emiko or Daiichi question Daisuke about the broken artwork? And there is always a reason for Dark to steal the Hikari artworks like the seal was about to break or something. So why would they send Dark to steal this artifact if it's not a broken seal and it wasen't causeing trouble? Or are they now going person by person in the Hikari family? Yeah, lotsa questions. IF you cold answer some i would greatly appriciate it! And will you be updating this soon? Maybe? Please?
4/2/2007 c9 animekimi
I liked it. It's ver nice.
3/15/2007 c8 His-ONlY-WEaKNESS
omg i love this story so far,

and this has to be my fav. pairing.

uhm just on thing i have to say,

Ai Shiteru has only one space

lol! but keep writing!, it's amazing!
3/9/2007 c9 Crazee-foxluver
Arghh! That's it? Continue... PLEASE! T^T
3/6/2007 c1 Crazee-foxluver
O_o Wow!
3/3/2007 c9 3ramaloki
uberness! i hope to see an update soon! ^^
2/25/2007 c9 Misa
Gr, CONTINUE! I love it! I love you! Heh, *sweat* I love this, it's wonderful. I always serch for yaoi, and this is great. continue writing please!
1/6/2007 c9 peepit
is this story discontinued? if not, PLEASE UPDATE SOON~!
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