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for Hand in Hand: A Teen Titans Story

3/20/2006 c7 14CerberAsta

I, SERIOUSLY, laughed about that for several minutes. 61 pages in 6 days. Shit, you're good.
3/20/2006 c7 Legend Maker

*throws hands up* NEW WRITERS! ARGH!

Although besides that, that was marvelous chaos and fighting. *applauds*
3/20/2006 c7 Bluesv20

I loved it but all I can say is that you gotz some explaining to do!
3/14/2006 c6 4MazdaKitsune
Yeah! Go Superman! Go Flash! Go JUstice Leage! I shall be somewhere in one of those rifts cherring you guys on! By the way...can I get an autograph, Flash? You're adorable!
3/13/2006 c6 Bluesv20
Dude, this was all like WHOA it was like mystical.
3/12/2006 c6 Legend Maker
I would review, except I'm too mad at you for ignoring my emails. HMPH! *stalks off, nose in the air...which makes me walk into a telephone pole* OW!
3/11/2006 c6 Risen-Corruption
I have a feeling I know which couple is going to show up. I could be wrong though.

Only error was a small one. When you were describing Ralph, before you introduced them as Phil and Ralph, you said he was "shorter than Phil". might wanna replace Phil with the other so as not to spoil the intro.

Can't wait for more! =)
3/11/2006 c6 Yamimaru
I think that breaking reality like that would be the last thing on Slade's todo list.
3/11/2006 c6 4The Bloodredsandman
(Surfs in on a sea of Blood)

Great googly-moogly these Legend fic love the insanely powerful villian. Anyway it's continues to be good, and even though this chapter was more serious then the previous ones there was still humorus elemnts which i liked.

Tell me though the Squirrels with the Bazokaas, did Conker: Live and Reloaded have any influence?

These rifts though, hm I sense a cross-over with something
3/11/2006 c6 23Chaltab
Dude, this chapter only once again proves your awesomeness. Can't wait till the next one.
3/5/2006 c5 Chaltab
HOLY CRAP! This story gets better and better. This chapter wasn't as funny as the previous ones, but Oblivion more than makes up for it.

Actually, I'm eventually planning to do a crossover between my Titans verse and the Legendsverse in which reality has been pretty much put in a blender...

You think maybe I could borrow Oblivion for that, with credit of course!
3/5/2006 c5 Bluesv20
AMAZING! I mean when Larry resurfaced I thought it would be meaningful but to fuse together Noel(Savior) and Robert (Gauntlet) to create a entity that has magical powers, reality-manipulation abilities, a mutated nervous system, a magical artifact, and the combined mentality of two teenagers which is...abuh material.
3/3/2006 c5 Risen-Corruption
Pretty good job, just a couple things.

Rob's hometown is called Uberton. (BobCat has a thing for germanic towns.)

I love the comedy and the chat between Noel and Rob, but Oblivion seemed just a tad overdramatic. Don't overdo it. Hints of despair rather than repetition or dragged out sentences can do just as fine.

Keep it up. ^_^
3/3/2006 c5 14CerberAsta
Okay, that was a surprisingly awesome and LM-style twist. Now that you created Oblivion, you've GOT to create Oathkeeper!
3/3/2006 c5 Legend Maker
Well, THAT'S not good. I almost prefer Noel being attacked by fire ants.

Though with Noel in there, he'd probably try and twist Oblivion's mindset to use the power to create or change rather then destroy...it's all expenditure, isn't it?
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