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11/8/2010 c2 cc
LOved it! you simply MUST uptade, i'd hate to see someone get hurt...
2/1/2009 c2 13sakurasapprentice7
I'm likin the story so far its kinda confusing but still its nice to hold a bit of mystery at the start of a fanfic. I hope you update soon and Sasuke's cousin sounds adorable!
12/11/2008 c2 4x.X.x.X.xBabyboo294x.X.x.X.x
That wa s gud!Please ocntinue!
10/27/2008 c1 14kattylin
sigh.. damn i miss those days when a oneshot could get a hundred reviews... too bad nowadays, it's almost impossible to... but i have to say, im impressed that u updated after two years... pls continue!
10/26/2008 c2 9Melissax3
this is cute.

is it going to be a complete naruto and card captor sakura crossover or just for this character? just wondering.

i can't wait for the next chapter.
10/26/2008 c2 xfannyx
haha good story :]
10/26/2008 c2 Girlalicious


10/26/2008 c2 Kaydreams
Should be interesting to see what will happen next! Please update soon!
10/26/2008 c2 14kattylin
youb know if i was tomoyo, i'd be freaked out that this strange pink-headed woman would suddenly talk to me and offer to buy me ice cream... what a good kid. omg updatesoon!
2/21/2008 c1 deedee2034
12/28/2007 c1 xfannyx
its nicee..i want nother chappie though! =]
10/14/2007 c1 3sar-animeluver24
wow it was awesome!

update soon
11/11/2006 c9 4psycotic-angel123
i've been going thru that too! the stuid idiot asked me if he thought i was in love with someone, and then when i said yes, he's like how can u tell? i gave him a few 'signs' and hes like, oh god, i think i love (insert name of my best friend here (i aint allowed to write names))! i was so pissed off! he's so insensitive! FEEL SORRY FOR ME! :(

love the story, plz update!

11/1/2006 c9 anonymous
its ok about not updating.Dont ever think that your not pretty or good enough or worthless cause your not and no one should ever tell you that nor should you ever think that of yourself.on the subject on how to tell if your in love im pretty sure that your heart is supposed to soar and your supposed toget butterflies in your tummy.
11/1/2006 c9 Jac
I hope you'll be feeling better, when you're looking through this. As for your question about love, I think when you're in love with someone, it's really magical. That person you're in love with can instantly make the world shine again even if it's dark. Please update soon, I'm interested in the story plot, however, don't rush. Take care and keep up the good work ! :D Sorry if I sound a little too nosey. ^^;
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