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2/12/2006 c2 4Suki dah Turdle
when are dey gonna meet?

suki dah turdle @
2/12/2006 c2 els1324
**sniff sniff**..poor Sasuke...I'd feel so bad if my bf died like that..ohh but this story is so cool so far! ^0^ lol I love the stories u write!
2/12/2006 c2 3takeBACK
coolie update soonQ!
2/12/2006 c2 20asterisque
nice start! so far so good!...there was slight sasu/ino there...i know shes dead n all but still did it had to b ino? cos if she was alive he wud still b happy with ino T_T and wouldnt have started to like saku!...ok im thinking to much now...pls update soon! ^_^
2/11/2006 c1 2AceQuestionMark
kewl so far cant wait till next chappie
2/10/2006 c1 aluyanSakura2
not to shabby but please con/. ok by.

(con/. means continue, case ya didn't know).
2/10/2006 c1 8saki-kun
Great start! ^_^ Hope you continue!
2/9/2006 c1 3takeBACK
It was fine! Update soon please!
2/8/2006 c1 5StephanieFan
yay! new story! im failing classes so im not aloud to spend too much time on the computer till my grades are "acceptable"
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