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for Early Morning Patrol

9/25/2013 c1 2k+Hawki
-“There were few things Sydney Drew hated. Chipped fingernails were one; slimy worms were another. But even those did not compare to her hatred for early morning patrol duty. She could just feel the wrinkles developing under her skin from the lack of beauty sleep.”

Heh. That’s Syd alright.

-“He just looked around with a suspicious glint in his eyes; as if miscreants were going to pop up from behind every building.”

And that’s Sky as well.

-Overall, good intro, pairing dynamic is established quickly as well.

-“Syd paused briefly in front of one of the many flyers plastered all over the city advertising the Valentine's Day dance that SPD was sponsoring.”

Not sure why a police agency would sponser a Valentine’s Day dance, or if Valentine’s Day is even big enough to warrant such a thing, but…well, maybe the world of 2025 is like that.

-Ending is the weak spot I’m afraid. Sky’s offer just comes out of nowhere, and given how uptight he is for the majority of the series, I can’t see it just bursting out like that, without more awkwardness. Also kind of tells more than it shows there.

Still, the majority of the story is written well. Flows well, has a good word economy, and while most of it is narrative/thought, it manages to remain engaging.
4/28/2012 c1 65Frodo's sister
Nicely written.
12/28/2011 c1 120xXScream4Xx
Psycho Tangerine: The review supposedly from me below was NOT ME! Whoever did it, I do not appreciate it, and you are only trying to cause trouble, and as you know, I would not use language like that. I apologize to you Psycho Tangerine for other peoples bad deeds. SpikeLightening.
11/28/2011 c1 Spikelightening
The syd/sky pair sucks!
2/15/2006 c1 7Tam71
Aw, that was really sweet. Sky breaking out of habit for a stolen kiss, wonderful.

Take care

2/12/2006 c1 33BloomingViolets
Well *blinks* this was a really cute story - one that I've enjoyed very much! I especially loved the part where Syd compares hating chipped fingernails to slimy worms LOL!

The interaction towards the end was sweet and possibly my favorite part out of the whole drabble *grins* Good job on this one!
2/12/2006 c1 23Gear's Girl
aww so sweet.
2/12/2006 c1 EstiRose
*Laughs and claps* I'm not a big Syd and Sky fan, but this was such a great start to my day. Nothing like being able to save the world but not ask someone out, eh?
2/12/2006 c1 34germankitty aka Dagmar Buse
Aww, sweet!

One very MINOR nitpick: I doubt Syd would ever use a word like "desire" when talking to a contemporary; it'd be better, IMO, if you'd used plain "want". :) Lovely imagery, though.
2/12/2006 c1 NinjaStorm4Life

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