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for Happy Anniversary

2/3/2013 c1 12footballprincess
sooooo sweeeet!
1/14/2007 c1 lilang
wow, that was so cute !

so sad that all those persons died but so cute anyway !
12/10/2006 c1 7q.thews
Well done!

Are you sure you could use the last name of people as middle name of another ?
9/30/2006 c1 7denise134
that was vey sweet i liked it

why did george have to die hes so hot*adds sob here.*
3/25/2006 c1 RatWarlock
This is a very good story. I really enjoyed it, but I suppose it would help if I knew the characters.
3/19/2006 c1 4tigger2025643119
That is so sweet!

He reminds me a lot of my father...'She was supposed to become a nun or live with us the rest of her life'...except my dad just says 'You WILL become a nun or live with us the rest of your life!'

He makes me laugh.

But I really love this story - It's so cute! Well done!
3/16/2006 c1 Cyborg-chick


*looks left*


*looks right*


*looks forward again*

2/13/2006 c1 8xtotallyatpeacex
aw, so cute!

But how could you kill off George and Alicia? Grr! Lol.

And Ginny dieing for Harry. That was so sweet.

I liked the last paragraph best, cos it was just so adorable! Lol. Yeah, good job... write some more soon! (and now I have to update soon just to I can be at the top again... jeez... :P)
2/13/2006 c1 The Enchanted Teakettle
Very touching story. In the end, it's very fitting that it's an Anniversary letter; I was wondering what kind of letter would go on for so long, recounting one's life. But it really fits here.

I especially like the beginning. Lee talking about his past self beating his future self up was funny. Nice, creative way to start.

Keep it up!

2/13/2006 c1 5Abbey Eileen
I like it. I like it a lot.
2/13/2006 c1 11Shantazzar
Dang... so many people died... *sniff*

But, at least neither of the two pplz concerned with said letter died
2/13/2006 c1 11iolah
*sob* That was so sweet and sad. I didn't want their friends to die. Still you are an amazing writer. Therefore can you please write a happy story with all of them (fred,george,angleina,alicia,LEE,KATIE)

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