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2/14/2006 c1 kireisnowtenshi
I liked it. But it made me sad lol...it was still good.
2/14/2006 c1 8Extraordinary Royalty
omg... that was sad. it brought tears to my eyes... but it was awesome- i mean great work!
2/14/2006 c1 15Phantasy Star
Aw, a tear-jerker all right. I liked the how you ended the story with a bit of hope so it balances a least a bit of the grief. Keep up the great work!
2/14/2006 c1 srsmoon
Its good to hear from Setsuna that Usagi will be back, it doesn't make the story quite as sad. You should do a sequel of her coming back.
2/14/2006 c1 16Lady Kiren
It made me cry! It was so well written and beautifully sad. You really should think about a sequel...but then again this story is so beautiful. Good job!

~Lady Kiren

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