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2/1/2013 c4 14dark nightmere
I think that you should continue this story some time soon. I think that Tira should confont sopthia soon to try and capture her daughter to help her master's plan to consume all. I think that as Cervantes hunts for the cusred sword he should come across his daughter who will be hunting for it as well to destoy soul edge and free herself from her evil family. I think that raphal should also set out to try and claim the sword so that he can make a new world for himself and amy. I think that Sopthia should come across Cervantes in her quest as she fights the dread pirate to try and get rid of him once and for all her sword will clash with his blades but will not be able to defeat him. I think as Cervantes begins to gain the upper hand over Sopthia she should call on the power of soul edge that lives within her to fight him and manage to force him back but from doing this she will be lost to the darkness just as Tira kidnaps Pyrrha from her house.
10/4/2011 c3 FreakazoidLoser
Keep the story going :D It's sooooo goood :D
3/7/2010 c4 3The Phantom 616
I hope their will be some more Tira/Nightmare if you update?
1/2/2009 c4 DormantAnomaly
Very nice, the story comes together nicely and feels natural. Excellent writing and vivid description undoubtly contributes to that. It's a shame you put this on hold for so long, I would've loved to read the complete version.
9/26/2007 c4 2The-Jaron
what the hell

you cant leave a very good story like that for over a year, gahh i give up on people who abandon fics for so long

Jaron out
6/8/2007 c4 7Peanuckle
Hardly any Nightmare/Tira stories out there and I appreciate your addition to them. I alway enjoy seeing the Villain's story since the good guys are always predominant in canon. My only issue is that Nightmare is actually worried about the morality of a relationship with his slave. I just realized you havn't updated for a few months and am wondering if you intend to continue? TY!
4/8/2006 c4 7EvaXephon
Much of what I said in my review for Rainy Nights holds true here, as well. Magnificent story. Vivid, haunting images. A magnificent writing style, one that that suits the mood of the story, as well.

You've done an absolutely amazing job of giving depth to things that weren't elaborated on in the official story. I especially liked the original characters, even the ones with minor and brief appearances - you did a great job with their personalities.

At first, I was a little wary about the use of attack names and weapon names, but you managed to work them into the story in a very successful way.

I only spotted two errors. In the first chapter, an instance of "uAdrian/u" has the underline tags around it, and the squiggly line is missing above "SeƱor". But those two tiny things were the only mistakes I could spot in this amazing fic.

I was surprised to see the mention of a canal system in Ostrheinsburg. I guess you got that from my story ^^. Someone pointed out to me that the water the raft floats on in the Ostrheinsburg level isn't a canal system, but a moat. I still like my canal system idea, though.

For a short while, part one of "Willing Slave" mirrored the first chapter of my story, with the obvious change of Siegfried to Nightmare, and far better writing, of course. It made me very uneasy, not because I felt like my fic had been ripped off, or anything like that, but because it was depressing to see a scene I'd tried to write be done so much better in another fic.

In fact, to tell you the truth, it was very difficult for me to read this story. It was a really unpleasant experience, but not because it was a bad story - on the contrary, it was so hard for me to read it because it's so *good*. I felt terribly bad about myself and my writing while reading this, because it seems like a much more professional well-done version of my own story. Now, once again, I'm not accusing you of stealing my story or anything along those lines. But I'm pretty depressed after reading this story because it's so much better than mine. Before, you asked me if I was avoiding reading this fic. That hadn't been the case, but now that I've read it, I see that, ironically, this is exactly the sort of fic I usually try to avoid.

This has happened once before. I tried to write a RE4 romance fic, then I read another that was far superior, and quit my own romance fic. I figured, "what in the world is the purpose of continuing to write my own RE4 fic when a far better one exists? If someone wants to read a good RE4 fic, they can simply turn to that superior one over there. No point in my fic existing anymore."

That's the same way I feel about "I Am Your Slave" right now. It's as if there is a machine that can convert stories from crap to professional works of magnificence, and my story was dumped inside to come out the other end as Monstrosities. You've done a better job at everything I tried to accomplish. Even the insinutation of sex in your fic was done with far more class than the smutty scenes in my fic. This is a pretty big bummer.

I know that this kind of talk has little to do with reviewing a story, but that part was really significant to me, so I had to say so. To summarize, Monstrosities is excellent, and my fic doesn't have any reason for a continued existance.
3/17/2006 c4 chibifirespiritnt logged in
yay great chappie! please update soon!


the whole cervantes/Tira thing/fight was good!

update soon!
2/28/2006 c3 3Bex the Hat
OMG this story is great!

and Nightmare and Tira...they're characters in this are perfect!

well done well done!

please update soon!

and yea i vote vote the lemon scene :)
2/28/2006 c2 C.C
Awesome! I love how you are making their relationship. This is how Soul Calibur meant it to be! Of that I am sure.
2/27/2006 c1 6Capito Celcior
I cannot wait until I read the next part. I hope it will be some Tira/Nightmare, as he is my favorite character and they are my favorite couple. I love how devoted Tira is to the dark and evil Nightamre...please update quickly.
2/23/2006 c1 chibi fire spirit not logd in
love it! loe this and the prquel! (which i also reviewed!)

loving loving loving this! and your continueing! yay!

wait wait before i go! there's a new soul calibur roleply site, and we are looking for members! u can away to guess what im away to ask,ne?

please consider joining! im sorry but Tira is taken (thats me) but standard characters from any of the sc games and your own made up character are welcome!

here's the address!


its dead easy to do and highly addictive!

need any help just find me(im Tira and im an admin)

k bye bye and please update soon!

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