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for the traitor

9/4/2018 c1 natipanfichi
Judas is best bicker.
12/8/2012 c13 fuckyeah
... done.
12/8/2012 c7 colsk
. done!
10/2/2008 c13 Aura Blanca
Brilliant! I love this fic! It´s exactly the representation of Judas that I think. His feelings, his actitude...i love it! Great job!
2/18/2008 c13 50elfchicks
Aw... *sobs* Wow, that was really, really emotional. And quite evocative. The last chapter was particularly good; I really like the idea that Jesus wrote his friends a good-bye note... *sobs again*

Anyway, if you write anything else JCS, I'll be sure to r/r!



P.S. "Nazareth" is not Jesus' last name...lol. It's a city. But that's okay.
7/4/2007 c12 Julianakun
I don't know why, but I'm confused. I geuss that's because I am used to stories with great detail. Yours was good too, though. Don't get me wrong. Update A.S.A.P.!
5/17/2007 c13 5Doors need lurve 2

omg i loved this story! the trouble was that i now cant stop singing jcs songs!

keep writing fab stories!

Doors x
10/21/2006 c1 Cain
please disregard my last comment which said to disregard my last comment...

I think all writing should respect the revelation given by God. God has revealed Himself and His truth to humanity for a reason. This is to be respected above all things. Anything that does not respect that which comes from God... is rejecting this great good... and therefore is a form of evil.

God bless.
6/29/2006 c13 marysue
*whimpers* *falls off chair* I never cry reading fanfic, and here you have me almost crying while

some stupid music plays in the background. If I hadn't been a Judas fan before (which I was, and it was kind of by accident, but that's a long story), I would be now.

I know I'm a total smartass, but in the last chapter, when people were crucified, they put the nails through the wrists. Leonardo da Vinci actually tested this - when the nails are put through the palms, they just kind of, er, rip through cos the palm isn't strong enough. The wrist is, tho.

*shudders* Totally grossed myself out there... *falls off chair again* WHY?
5/19/2006 c1 Cain
Please disregard my last comment. I apologize... This piece itself is actually quite good, as is Christianity.
5/15/2006 c2 Scharb
Keep in mind that you're writing about Jesus and the apostles here. Their characters are supposed to be extremely wise. I'm reading it, and you're not convincing me that it is them. I've heard deeper arguments from 8 year olds fighting over pokemon cards than the discussion in Chapter 1. What I'm trying to say is that you're aiming too high. To do a succesful story about Jesus, you have to give his words tons of thought. "God will do that if he wants to" is way too immature for the man Christians consider to be the savior.
5/2/2006 c13 Jinace
That´s too bad...

I like HAPPY ENDINGS, but still it´s a great story...

I think I´ll go for some ice too...
4/30/2006 c12 Jinace
Oh my god...

Your style is just amazing. I don´t know what to say.

Just keep on writing forever!
4/24/2006 c11 5Slytheriness
Oh, I really like your parts - most of it. But writing out the musical is a bit boring, even when it's done well, sorry.
4/20/2006 c11 Jinace
My english is so bad... .

I can´t say everything I want to, so here´s just one word:


I love you!

(more than one word...)
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