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for A Demon's Destiny

1/8/2008 c3 5Nysk
I do hope there will be more
7/2/2007 c3 5hittocerebattosai
Thank you~ ^^ I can't wait to see what happens next! ^^
12/31/2006 c2 Merkitten
Ahah, I think you mean Machoistic, not Masoichtic. XD
7/1/2006 c2 Dracomancer1
COL! best story ever.
4/15/2006 c2 3DanniMaru
4/6/2006 c2 5hittocerebattosai
NOO! *cries loudly* You stopped the chapter! *cries* I want to see what happens next! poor ranma-yasha... *pouts* Can you update soon? Pretty pretty please?
3/24/2006 c2 5Nysk
Good start for a story!

I look forward to reading more of this story (I often wonder why some authors write crossovers in the anime x-over section and others write them under their parent sections (such as Ranma 1/2 or Inuyasha areas). I find you tend to get more reviews from the parent directories than you do the x-over... and because of that a lot of good stories never get finished because the author does not find the appreciation for their stories that they should get)

I look forward for where this story will go and hope it will be continued!
3/15/2006 c1 Cylon One
A good start. Tragic but a good start. I take it this is some kind of reincarnation thing going on what with Inuyasha disappearing and Ranma getting some physical Inuyasha traits. I find this very interesting and I look forward to the whole thing. There were some errors. 1.) Please don't die on me...I sorry. Shouldn't it say "I'm" instead of just "I"? 2.) Both times the word "fell" was used should have been "feel". Well, one time was "feel" and the other was "feels". 3.) You'll pull though...like you always have. The word "though" should be "through". 4.) '"Ah!" Ranma woke up with a startle,' Usually, I hear that it's a "start" that people wake up with in something like this. 5.) 'Ranma ran his hand though his hair and opened his eyes for the first time' "Though" should be "through". 6.)His dream obviously bothered him but not as much as the constant pounding in this head. It should say "his" head. 7.) Strange, he had a dream that involved people that he had never seen in his life all though the whole thing was a blur. "All though" should be "although". 8.) 'Akane had a haircut via Ryoga carelessness with his stupid apparel.' I think it should say "Ryoga's". 9.) (seeing as she is only wear an oversized T-shirt) The word "wear" should be "wearing". 10.) It should have said that the first morning rays were peaking "through" Ranma's window.
3/13/2006 c2 Cylon One
What I think of this story is that it truly has my interest and I would like to see it continue on. So I request an update when able. You had a few errors. 1.)Either way, the fates were not disappointed because Ranma still went flying though the ever-repairable Tendou roof. The word "though" should be "through". And I didn't know how to make the word "still" appear the way you did. 2.) 'Ranma felt his battle flare around him as he gave one final swing and a massive wave of energy followed in suit,' Was it Ranma's battle aura that flared? If so, you didn't say that it was his aura. 3.) "Ranma...?" Akane asked tentatively as she took a cautious steep towards him yet again. The word "steep" should be "step". 4.) 'a young man with shorter than his own but tied back and dressed as a Buddhist monk and a rosary about his right hand;' You didn't say that it was the young man's "hair" that was shorter than Ranma's. 5.) It seems that two more times the word "though" should have been "through".
3/12/2006 c2 unhealthy-addiction-to-manga
hey this is gona be an awesome story i cant wait for the new chapters come out ^_^
2/28/2006 c1 Dark Dragon of Kaos
More Please!
2/26/2006 c1 2Purinsesu Mu-n
I'm such a baka, could you tell me what happend to Ranma's hair, is he bold or just a diferent color? Besides that, it is s interesting story, too bad that InuYasha die. Are you going to pair Kagome with Ranma?

Well until then
2/23/2006 c1 Des Shinta
Heh.. Nice way to begin a story. I'm in wonder as to what will happen next.
2/21/2006 c1 7niyanna
I felt bad for you, I think it's all right. This is good specially cause a crossover fic is hard to do.

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