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3/2/2008 c5 8hedwiggins
While I think this is a good story, I can't believe how Jack is humiliating Sam, or the fact that he's accusing her of acting like a 3 year old, given how he was acting when he was injured. He seems to totally enjoy humiliating her, and that I do not enjoy. And even if it was insubordination, I'm really glad she slugged him. He deserved it. And while I'm at it, I have to wonder why so many fanfiction authors seem to so much enjoy humiliating Sam like this. She so doesn't deserve it.
3/21/2006 c11 9Natters
good fic
2/28/2006 c11 69zeilfanaat
Fantastic story. I really enjoyed it. Especially like Jack's punishment. And hey, I'm sure Jack will warm up to it once he realises he's actually learning more techniques and stuff. Anyway, great story.

Keep up the good work!
2/27/2006 c11 42ReganX
This has been a really good story, and it was great to read such a long chapter.

I liked the way that Sam's memory started slipping back with hints like her speech patterns - is the fact that it started to come back after she had been away from her captors for a while significant, by the way - and that you didn't have her just wake up one morning or hit her head or something along those lines and be right back to normal.

You scared me when I thought that only Jack had gone through the wormhole back to Earth, but I'm glad that you did bring Sam back.

It was funny reading about Hammond sending Daniel and Teal'c to become "acquainted with the brig" and about Hammond's threats to Daniel and Jack's reaction. Teal'c's statements about how he didn't figure in his teammates' juvenile behaviour were very funny, like when he announced at the end of 'Upgrades' that he had no need to apologize.

Hammond's punishment for Jack was certainly creative - and I thought I was cruel to have him put Jack in timeout! - he must have been ready to have a heart attack when he found out that he was bound fo a month of Jaffa boot camp.

Would you ever consider writing a sequel, maybe set when Jack is released from Bra'tac's care and is back at the SGC. You could have the Queen show up, maybe with an explanation of why she tried to pass Sam off as her daughter. It would be cool if she really had thought that Sam was hers - maybe her advisors could have given Sam whatever made her lose her memory - and that the people at the SGC had kidnapped her.
2/27/2006 c10 ReganX
I like the way you've written the interaction between Jack and Sam/Sashai and the way that their bond seems to still be there on some level.

Jack as a less than patient patient was funny. I'd say that Sam is right about him behaving like a five year old. Loved the way she dealt with him, and that maybe there was a slight edge of revenge mixed in there.

Interesting twist about Christa running a 'house of pleasure'. I can picture how angry Jack would be to know that she had tried to recruit Sam. It's sweet that he's so protective, especially as Sam/Sashai doesn't seem to fully grasp what the 'formal occasion' is likely to be.
2/27/2006 c9 ReganX
I like the way that you have parts of Sam's personality peeking out through the Sashai persona, that even though she saw Jack as her abductor and that he hadn't exactly been pleasant to her, she didn't take the opportunity Jack's illness provided to run off.

Great chapter.
2/27/2006 c8 ReganX
I honestly don't know whether I pity Sam or Jack more. Sam seems to have one of the worst cases of Stockholm Syndrome I've ever read of and Jack's not exactly long on patience when it comes to dealing with her.

One point that fascinates me is that even though Sam, or whatever she's calling herself at the moment, doesn't have her memories, she seems to have assimilated at least some of the culture, mannerisms and beliefs of the people she is with, even their way of speaking. How long has she been missing at this point? Was there some kind of brainwashing involved? Her fear of the Canvar, and of Jack when he was looking at her leg, was genuine, as though she really had been brought up to fear them and she seemed to know the Chancellor very well.

Nice touch having Jack wonder if he was dealing with an AU Sam - that would have been embarrassing.
2/26/2006 c11 5Kent Rigel
I know it's set a bit early in the Stargate story but you could've had Carter in the Control Room as Jack went off to Jaffa boot camp. You could also have used it as a tool for the general to become suspicious that he had a whole new problem on hand.

But otherwise it was a well written story and rather enjoyable. I look forward to more of your work.
2/26/2006 c11 2nellstar65
Clap, clap, clap! Congratulations! I'm looking forward to another story!
2/26/2006 c11 6jensmuse
That was really good, i enjoyed Jack's punishment

PLEASE say your going to write an epilogue including Jack's training with Brat'ac it would be so funny

please please please write an epilogue
2/26/2006 c11 liketoread
Awesome story! It'll be good for Jack to get a taste of his own medicine...but my heart still goes out to him. And General Hammond, too. Poor thing, but it takes a strong man to administer needed discipline for the benefit of his men.

Looking forward to more of your stories.
2/26/2006 c10 liketoread
So I wonder if this is how Sam would think if she were not under the restrictions of rank and regulations. I am so enjoying her character in this story. I don't think Jack knows what's hit him, seeing her so defiant and assertive!
2/26/2006 c9 liketoread
Sorry...I have been totally rushing through this story, enjoying it immensely, and I haven't taken the time to review. Figured I'd better at least do it before I get to where I'm caught up with your writing.

Enjoying the very tense relationship between Jack and Sam. Shows just how much he cares about her that he does such stupid things sometimes, yet he'd march to hell and back to rescue her. Will we ever know what happened to Sam when she was brought to this planet?

Shucks...only one more chapter before I'm caught up. Thanks for the story.
2/26/2006 c11 BallsBreaker
I hope there is a sequel to this fic. Is there?
2/26/2006 c10 1usul87
wicked story!
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