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2/22/2006 c7 Krows Scared
I'm loving this story and it's originality but could I ask you to please put scene breaks in as it gets very confusing, even if it's just an extra line space it's better than nothing. Ta!

Keep up the good work otherwise and so many chapters all at once! amazing.
2/22/2006 c7 4eilien
The story's fabulous! In fact it's one of the best stories I've read in the past months, please update soon!
2/22/2006 c6 3AbsolutTequila
Wow. Update soon, that cliffhanger is mean.
2/22/2006 c6 oneunforgiven

ok my happiness at finding an update is now frustration! Great chapter but please update soon, you can't leave us hanging like that ! :)

well ya can it makes for a great page turning moment but still

Please more
2/22/2006 c5 oneunforgiven
ok, this was great to wake up and read. I love it ! More please.
2/22/2006 c5 3gater62
Was there to be a new chapter?
2/21/2006 c2 1Trinitystargazer3
That was great. I especially love Ragnar. Update soon please. :)
2/21/2006 c2 5Kent Rigel
You are very good with developing detail, many authors seem to use verbal exchange more than needed to try and establish character interaction and development but you have used circumstance well.

Keep up the good work
2/21/2006 c1 167 League Boots
Great start! You so have Jack's snark pinned down! The dialogue is true to his character and fits their situation. And the situation is gloomy and wet enough to feel! Sam is also well developed here; her insecurity and resilience captured in nice relief to Jack. Love her gradually escalating cheekiness. And the sneak hypo to Jack's six: priceless! Please, share more of this cool story soon.
2/21/2006 c1 5Kent Rigel
While many authors write their stories after series 4 so that Sam and Jack are already established as having it bad for each other I find it interesting and refreshing to see an original work.O'Neill and Carter bonding on the earlier missions as he became less of a cranky, depressed bastard and she became more flexible and trusting.

Looking forward to your next installment.
2/21/2006 c1 oneunforgiven
I really enoyed that, hoping more is coming soon
2/20/2006 c1 sg1 huge fan
*laughter* that was so funny, I hope there is more coming soon (I assume pt1 implies more is coming). Nice to know that someone outside of the SGC can deal with a cranky colonel! (I like those butt shots too!)
2/20/2006 c1 5sammie77
Really like it! Looking forward to more!
2/20/2006 c1 4eilien
It's great, keep going! Love how you portray Carter and O'Neill, very good!
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