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for Blood Tears Within

11/30/2006 c1 20Moonlight Wynn
Nice little ficclet! Hope you write more stories!
6/13/2006 c1 the white rose 01
Yeah pretty good. Links in with the games so continue this
3/3/2006 c1 25Akira of the Twilight
Akira: Mimiko! *glomps* I was checking out your profile and I saw this fic and I was like "I missed one? NU!"

Mimi: You know Aki-chan I've been wondering why you say "Nu" instead of "No" for a while now.

Akira: Yay! Riku is coming to get Sora and luffle him to death!

Mimi: *pouts* Are you ignoring me Aki-chan?

Akira: *waving a flag that says "Go" on it* Go Riku! Get your Sora! *pauses* Were you saying something Mimi?

Mimi: T.T Oh nothing...

Akira: Uh... Why are you crying?

Mimi: Hormones. T.T

Akira: ^^ Okay!

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