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10/30/2010 c8 Dola
OMG, wow! totally thought this was simply AMAZING! well-written, and u made the chapters good too! i didnt agree with u on all the couples

(i like orihimexulquiorra,ishidaxtatsuki, hitsugayaxkarin...lol, crazy i kno!)

but still, well done and im hoping for more, please! =D
2/24/2010 c3 Snowkid
omg, this was one of the best nanaoxshunsui oneshots i've read! their personallity is so good and omg great!
3/18/2007 c8 11Lone Wulffe
I demand more IchiRuki drabbles! ...Please?
7/2/2006 c8 yvonne

yum yum. =D
6/29/2006 c1 MachoSan
I'm loving this fic. I think the characters were portrayed well because, to me, Ichigo would go about it bluntly, Rukia would be slightly embarressed, and the rest acted as they would 10 years from the anime I would think.

Keep writing.
6/8/2006 c7 Rachel
That was adorable. I really like your writing style and you capture all the characters so well. Can't wait to read more from you.
6/6/2006 c6 11TurkWriter
Aww poor Soi Fong. She's always trying to do good by Yoruichi and keeps getting left behind. You really expressed her thoughts well.
6/6/2006 c7 ying yang dragons
OMG! chapter 7 ROX! omg! i love it! i love the pairing! and i just LOVE IT!
6/5/2006 c6 horao
wow... this is the BEST BLEACH I'VE EVER READ! serious in here...You paired them the way (most of the fans out there - that's including me and my sister) you'll make all of us happy! You played with words well! the same goes with your plots! i give two thumbs up - no make that three! (since when did human got 3 thumbs?)
5/1/2006 c1 yvonnee
yummy my dear.


write a histu/hinamori


gin/matsumoto one.



with orihime!

haha. ilove you and your crazy stories.
5/1/2006 c6 1Athla
poor Soi Fong...
4/30/2006 c4 June
Renji+Tatsuki? Ishida+Inoue? Ichigo+Rukia? GAH I LOVE YOU. Keep writing :D
4/30/2006 c1 shadow
awesome... i love your stories update soon!

p.s. can you do a hitsugaya/hinamori one plz? thanx
4/30/2006 c6 Aileen
Your stories are wonderful!

1) I laughed out loud when you introduced all the other shinigami suddenly around them in the store. Ichigo is a sly one :P

2) I like the style to this one. I like the observation that nothing Ichigo ever does is selfish, so Inoue won't be either. That was moving. Good job keeping her in character by sticking with "Kurosaki-kun" and "Ishida-kun".

3) I thought it had no title because you couldn't think of one, but I like the way you ended it much better! Great job with Nanao.

4) I loved the last two lines of this one as well. I was very confused with the sudden transition to Kyouraku and Nanao, but I loved the description of Orihime willing Ishida to speak up; that's just like her!

5) Good job with Sado's manner of (not) speaking. The Barbie store idea is amusing, but the ending isn't very satisfying...

6) Oh, the angst! "I think my heart broke at that point." You do angsty Soi Fong very, very well. Playing on the waiting angle made this very potent.

Awesome work!
4/30/2006 c1 mindless dumbasss
hee hee hee...THAT is EXACTLY how I imagine them getting married! Right on! Every one including Byakuya there?...a lil harsh. But I can't stop laughing and thinking aww, lol. I loved this!
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