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11/19/2007 c3 9Red K 5
I kinda knew he was dead when Megan walked passed him without calling him a boob... I can't believe you stopped there... will they be able to resurrect Drake or not... please continue this story very soon
9/29/2007 c3 2The Awais and Hasees Group
get chapter 4 quick...please
8/20/2007 c3 29A. Murray
I love it!

When I read the summary I just knew it was going to be something like this! Stupendous!

Really, excellent job so far.

Keep the chappies coming... I'll be waiting!
8/5/2007 c3 23Totally-T3ii3
awesoem! please-oh please-oh please-oh please- finish the story! and more drake angst! =^^=
6/20/2007 c3 Inez
Wow. I love the story! But I'm upset that you haven't updated. You have to update soon. Please?
6/10/2007 c3 14NeuroticSeduction
Ha! I can see it now!

Drake and Josh: Attack of the Zombies

lol, nice chap.

6/10/2007 c2 NeuroticSeduction
Another great chapter! I'm expecting good things from this fic!

6/10/2007 c1 NeuroticSeduction

I got chills! That was awesome! ^^ 10/10

5/29/2007 c3 1supernatural16
great story, i know you haven't done it for ages but it is too good to just leave, so please please continue it

c x x
5/26/2007 c3 204Emachinescat
Very intriguing concept. I'm really liking it, I love the way you were still able to incorperate humor into it. Plz update SOON!
4/7/2007 c3 1Lil art girl
rite mre soon!
4/5/2007 c3 2Chikacookie
That was awesome, plz continue! Thank u
1/11/2007 c3 69GreySide58
Please continue this. It's looking really good.
10/13/2006 c3 4of Iris
This story sucks. I hate you. Go kill yourself. And that song is better than anything you've ever listened to.
9/30/2006 c3 49WhatsMyFandom
OMG, Please hurry up and continue with this story...I want Drake to come back! lol ,loved it!
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