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4/21 c17 Sohni Slytherin
this is becoming disgusting actually. everyone nd their fathet forcing and harrassing a minor sexually. its plain disgusting and nothing else.
12/20/2021 c16 2Nelui Wysteria
It's unlikely that Rivehn would have expressed anything but bland and neutral regard toward Obsidian whilst surrounded by other vampires. Doing so would have drawn attention to their connection and that connection would likely either endanger whatever plans Rivehn has for Obsidian and/or would paint Obsidian as a potential weak point to be exploited by political or personal adversaries. Also whatever plan Rivehn has, if he has one, is likely long gamed. He wouldn't want to compromise integral parts of it by openly displaying that he and Obsidian knew eachother well enough to garner attention. This could lead to Obsidian discovering those parts before it was intended through gossip or exposure to social environments. Truthfully, he's so fucking oblivious it makes him malleable.
11/18/2021 c29 12ksanta
Hello, everyone curious about an epilogue. I saw some of you wondering about a continuation of Bloody Skies.
As someone who read the fic years ago, and rereads it again from time to time, I have good news for you: There IS an EPILOGUE to this story.(its long, and its smut) The author of this amazing story has it on Livejournal. There are links to her Livejournal both on her profile here, and on her tumblr profile. Happy reading!
10/29/2021 c29 Amaris
Hello! I want to say that I really enjoyed reading this fanfiction. The plots, the details, everything! I like how you integrate the vampires and werewolves and the whole other magical creatures(?) community and how their communities' functions and live together as this one bigger community. Thank you a lot for writing it! Still a wonder how I stumbled late upon this masterpiece.
8/26/2021 c29 snamioneBDSMcuriosity
This… FUCKING LOVED THIS! Damn. Never read something this unique before. Highly interested in the Other Realm you created.
7/17/2021 c29 abishasoans
I kinda want him to ream into the Twins. Those incompetent assholes
6/20/2021 c29 LiLbOoKwOrLd
This is an amazing story and I am glad that I ended up reading it. I have stumbled upon it many times in the past but something always held me back, now I am truly glad that I read this. That said, I wanted to thank you for this amazing story, or should I say "adventure", because it was one of the best I EVER read! Truly, thank you.
2/17/2021 c10 Shizuka666
The part about the zombie is cooooooool !
It even gave me a feeling of "coolness" like in manga/manhua ... it could even have feeling.
At some point I thought of Wen Ning
12/1/2020 c29 11muttjc2003
I love this story way too much! You and the people who helped write this did a fantastic job. I absolutely adore all of the characters, Cyrus, Xanthir, and Rhiven (of all people, lol) in particular. Anyway, this was amazing and I am glad I happened upon it. o((**))o
7/8/2020 c29 TexasTurtle
Thank you for writing and sharing your wonderful storie. Loved it. More please.
7/7/2020 c29 1NickSomeday
while i love this story and find this epilogue amusing there are a couple loose ends like who was trying to kill with all the poison and death magic and did he try to fight troy again? did he win? what's with the mpreg tag in the first chapter there was none in the entire story as far as as I was able to figure unless it stands for something besides male pregnancy. I don't really mind if none of these things gets addressed i still love the story
6/24/2020 c29 etLapin
please all we want is the sequel, ive waited 8 yrs pleaseeeeeeee
5/16/2020 c29 rebaine mira
can you please tell me how Didi he end up with? and also what happened to Mikael student that lost his magical core or what did end up to Remus and Severus? ALso I really liked this story sooooooooooooooooooo magnificent I would really read it again and again and again
5/12/2020 c28 Guest
Set, un dios que disfruta follar humanos? Aun si parece ser una forma de llevar a alguien a la sumisión, no parece lógico que un dios se rebaje a follarse a un humano porque si. Que tan bajo puedes caer, me pregunto...
5/12/2020 c22 Guest
Ehhhhhhhhh, Qué crecimiento como personaje le has dado a Ashawyn para que Cyrus al fin decidiera acostarse con él. El tipo apenas es bueno para la nigromancia y del resto es un completo inútil que no tiene nada en común con Harry... Eh, con Cyrus. Por qué un chico virgen e inexperto compartiría su primera vez con semejante plasta inútil de mierda? solo porque es sexy? vaya razón mas estúpida, es banalizar el seo y trivializarlo a algo sin importancia; de nuevo, nada raro en ti como escritora.
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