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for Strawberry and the Beast

7/19/2009 c5 moonlitinuyasha1985
I really liked this chapter!3 Wow, Pudding must really hate Ino to do that kinda stuff to her.:( Please update soon! This is really good!3
7/19/2009 c4 moonlitinuyasha1985
This is really cute! Great work!3
7/19/2009 c3 moonlitinuyasha1985
Well, Sasuke sure is quite the chauvenist. Good job on this!
7/19/2009 c2 moonlitinuyasha1985
Wow, this is very good!3 I can so picture them singing! Great work! I noticed just a few spelling mistakes, but other than that, good job!
7/19/2009 c1 moonlitinuyasha1985
My my, what an interesting chapter this is!3 Ichigo-chan makes a great Belle! But I do not see why Shippo's gotta be lefou.
4/5/2008 c5 8CherryEstelle
it's good, but i would check back on grammer and stuff, alos it's kinda hard putting in the songs and stuff, so if you can't make absulty sure its right, mabey try skiping back on them a little...p.s. please don't make Masaya the beasts true form at the case that was it...if i just spoiled something feel free to delete this...i don't mind, ver good though, update soon, love it! (:
12/11/2006 c5 Chessecakenick name
hurry up and update! when i saw that Gaara(that is how you spell his name)was in it I realy wanted to read it.i think he is ttly awsome!
3/12/2006 c5 4Mew of Fire
please write more! this was great!
3/11/2006 c5 nekoblade
blink blink blink... Smiles LOve IT! Thanks for correcting me!^_^ up date soon!

and happy weekend!
3/3/2006 c4 white wolf
i love it so far. please keep updateing it!
2/28/2006 c4 Nekoblade
Um... Konichiwa Means Hello... and Saske is actually Sasuke... I think that masaya should be in that role
2/26/2006 c4 1dreamboatdarryl
It's good and all, but what about Gaara? How could you forget my beloved Gaara? KIDDING! But, somehow, if you can, add him in! UPDATE SOON! XDD
2/25/2006 c1 3MewStrawberry
Good story so far! I wanted to review because it's sad noone reviewed, so I wanted to be the first one! Didn't want to feel left out. Good story and keep it up!

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