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for Diplomatic Entanglements: An Inextricable Tale

9/25/2014 c10 12Carcrash87
Amazing I loved this this fic had me on my toes I never knew what was going to happen awesome well done:)
10/27/2012 c1 2Asia-TheGreat
I love this !:)
7/24/2012 c10 22Kina Kalamari
Wow. This was at least twice as good as the first one, although in a very different way. I really enjoyed the comparative lightheartedness of it. While I may have chuckled a couple times during Inextricable, this one made me laugh outright at least twice a chapter. It's just so funny, Ed being involved in diplomacy. And then all of the random romancing going on was quite a source of amusement.

I thought you got both Ling and Mei decently in character. Ling was very much what he was when he first showed up, without all the development he got later in the series, which is exactly what he should have been. Same with Mei, to a slightly lesser extent.

I had a hard time picturing Ed in uniform, though. That's just kind of weird.
7/24/2012 c2 Kina Kalamari
Ling! :D

I watched Brotherhood first, and I was almost against the original before I even watched it just because I knew that he wasn't in it. Is that weird?

Also, it should be "Xingese", not "Xingian". But maybe you caught that later. I suppose I should just keep reading...
11/30/2011 c10 KawaiikekechanNLI
Yayyy I loved this! Kept me sane during some difficult essay writing! Really really good, I wish you'd done another sequal :P
11/22/2010 c10 ninadizz
UH-MAZING! you are totally gifted! are you sure you're not Hiromu Arakawa in disguise?
6/20/2010 c10 GeminiMagi90
This story was so well done! I didn't want this to end! I loved how you made everything come together, both the OC's and the FMA characters -everything! So funny and you were so true to the original story, even down to the Hughes incident. Awesome job! Keep writing.
1/2/2010 c10 19BornOnTheBreakOfDawn
wow...another superb piece of literary art!


compared to the first story, this is lighter and also has comical parts added to the mix of action and thrill...

you really know how to balance things here and i honestly like the way the story plot had flowed...

but i really have to praise you with your sense of humor...i laughed at a lot of parts in this story, and i'm glad that you ended this with a funny remark from the prime minister herself...

really entertaining, this one of the best stories i've ever read...

a truly wonderful work!
1/1/2010 c1 BornOnTheBreakOfDawn
oh! i didn't know you already had a sequel for Inextricable...

i apologize for commenting about that in my review for the aforementioned story...just ignore what i said...

so, ed's going to be a diplomat eh? and his mission involves the country of Xing...*already expecting the possible characters coming out*

i'll continue reading've really done a great job on your story... :D
7/16/2009 c10 silverwolf1492
OMG ! i read all your stories in like less than 10 hours XD These were great i wish you could add some kind of epilogue or sequel bc i love your stories :)

Keep going I'm looking forward to read your fic !

4/25/2009 c6 Noile
this story is funny i mean funny i am in the libary reading this and i laughed out loud everyone was staring at me but it was halious
12/30/2008 c10 Orange Singer
I swear, I have never read a fic that made me laugh so damn hard. It is so witty! Horrible, horrible man... made me laugh so hard. I loved Edward's inner thoughts about his imaginings. I also loved Winry's name suggestions for the kitten! I almost died laughing at "The Little Colonel." Flippin awesome story. You should be IMMENSELY proud of this. I am instantly putting this in my favorites!
11/18/2008 c10 Citycept
I love the last line. A whole lot of drama could have been avoided if there wasn't that rule. I really love this story. And the plot line was perfect with the last story. You are an amazing author.
9/1/2008 c1 2Sakura22222
I loved this one!
7/25/2008 c10 2abandoned-account2234
AH NO SEQUEL! why?:[ this was such a good plot you have soo sequel please:]
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