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for Like a Little Boy for Her to Watch Over

9/21/2008 c1 BlueRyuu
wow... that was pretty good. at first i was wary of reading it, but then i was drawn in by the mother/son roles. im a sucker for those kind of relationships in a story too XD cant help it. this was written very well, and none of the characters seemed out of place, not even Sophia. who knows what really is going on in her mind? :) thanks for posting this
4/18/2008 c1 87Hickumu
I loved this fic, and I think everyone was in character! You did a great job, I'd love to see more from you in this vein.
9/24/2007 c1 6JessiTsuki
That was...very nice. I think the thoughts and feelings were beautiful. ^^ I'm also one who loves sibling/family-esqe relationships between non related people.
3/14/2006 c1 1BlueTrillium
Nice. Sophia /does/ seem like the type to want to take care of everyone, regardless of their apparent attitude towards her. And even someone like Albel can be worn down enough eventually to accept that care. (Though of course he still has to act disgusted about it - wouldn't be Albel if he didn't. ^_^)

I know this is a complete, one-shot fic, but if it were to continue, I can just see Sophia slowly becoming more of a mother-figure to Nel, too...

Anyway, thumbs-up!
3/6/2006 c1 hum
its not bad...but im looking foward to aquios high (:
3/3/2006 c1 5Lorelai Kline
This is an excellent piece. The fact that you can relate to it just makes it so much deeper. I love that you stayed true to Alnel and yet at the same time were able to form a bond between Sophia and Albel that could be considered just as strong. This story is touching and inspirational. Insightful and complex. I enjoyed it very much, even if it wasn't funny. You did a great job.
3/3/2006 c1 16Blue Persuasion
I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU WROTE A SERIOUS FIC! No, honestly I can but I just had to say that XD

I really liked this. The combination of Alnel and Alphia was wonderful. Everyone was IC as I see it. This really made me feel that the three were a team and was nice since there was no triangle (which I like sometimes but not in every fic) and no one was pushed to the side. You were successfully able to combine Alnel and Alphia...that's a thing to be proud of.

Alright, I'll stop rambling - fav this and be on my way. :D
2/28/2006 c1 5Kitsune-Li
Interesting way of putting Albel and Sophia's relationship. A mother and son relationship that is something I can see. I can see Albel going to her for comfort but not for love. This was very good by the way!
2/28/2006 c1 Albel the Wicked One
OMB OMB! (oh my budda) That was so uber duper super fansticly outragously, superubly excellent in all of my experiance reading fanfics this one takes the chocolate banana cake! You desribe the characters and thier personlities very well keep up the good work Soldier! *sloutes* whee! you can tell i'm a hyper girl can out? Nuu! i been exposed. hehhehe.
2/28/2006 c1 4Nokohema
I wish it was Alnel... I just can't picture sophia and Albel together like that... But it is still good to write like that! Write some more!
2/26/2006 c1 12Dragon Chyld
This was wonderful - really. I might lean more in another way for the two; I can see a Mother/Son relationship. Everyone knows that Albel has a lot of things he's coping with and he would need someone to 'take over' and help. If he's in love with Nel and loves Sophia then it would make sense that Sophia would be able to make him accept her help - where he wouldn't want to ask Nel (for fear of looking weak).

I thought it was sweet with an underlined meaning - meaning the characters aren't flat and unrealistic. And they all seem in character to me.
2/26/2006 c1 26Demoneyes 14
aww! That was cute! I'm not a huge fan of Alphia, but you made it more realistic. It's really good. I loved it ^^
2/26/2006 c1 Ecstacy of Quietus
OMG! AN ALPHIA FIC! NO! On well... Sophia os not really my favorite. Nel is the queen of Albel and he is the king! Sophia will not take her place!

Nel and Abel didn't get a divorce...(In my thoughts)

Well..It was just one Fic! Nel is already in love with Albel! lol ^^ Make more fics please.
2/26/2006 c1 8LilyGinnyBlack
::Claps hands:: For a humor-centric author, this is an amazing piece! :D I saw a few sprinkles of humor here and there and I found this whole story to be sweet, but not TOO sweet that your teeth fall out...or something like that. You did a perfect job on Albel, Nel, AND Sophia; so don't worry about that. Oh, and I liked the Mother/Son relationship that you made between Albel and Sophia, because, Albel is very much like a child, something that I picked up on and put into my own fic.

Anyway, I think I've read some of your Alnel works before, they were all very good, and the little hints of it are nice. Even though I am an Alphia shipper, I'm open to multiple couples in Star Ocean, Alnel being one of them, nevertheless, I really loved this one-shot. You really should try dipping into your emotions again-if the outcome is as wonderful as this little ficlet. :)


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