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10/8/2016 c28 Nothing-Everything-Something
So are any of these other side stories you keep bringing be resolved or are we just ignoring them for rogue and Remus story now
10/8/2016 c30 Nothing-Everything-Something
What the FUCK is even going on in this fic anymore please just update so this will finally come to some kind of conclusion
11/26/2013 c30 Yuki
So Rogue dies?
2/6/2011 c31 11R3Ml
NOOO! I thought this was gunna be an awesome chapter! DX I want to find out what happens! :(
8/26/2010 c31 12SuperGroverandElmo
whhhhhhhyyyyyy! i loved this story!
5/24/2010 c30 SuperGroverandElmo
AAAAAHHHH! AAAAAAAHHHH!1 AAAAAAAHHHH! HOW COULD YOU? i'd say i hate you, but this chapter was extremely epic so i'll push away the hatred... for now
5/13/2010 c13 ALLREMS
uummm ok - maybe you should change your rating to Mature - wouldnt want to give anyone ideas about abortion-

no pro or con here but it was kinda out of character for both
5/11/2010 c8 ALLREMS
ive been away from this story for too long ... but like any good story it just comes right back to you once you start reading it again-

so lorna is that kind of girl now - we all kinda get to be that girl atleast once in our life- but i blame kurt for not breaking up w/ link.
5/1/2010 c30 2AcidxSunshine
sorry i didnt update earlier mysteryrogue :(
Wow intense! Andd Rogue and Bobby nice
i can see them together for a while but itd be weird after though
I knew Belladonna wasnt gonna be gone yet! That psycho
Logan in Japan -classic
4/24/2010 c29 tradingtruthsforlies
what happened?
4/23/2010 c7 ALLREMS
Im going to review only cause i have to stop! the story has been real good so far and it just kept my interest going - it almost seemed like ive only read one or two chapter not 7!

anyway now that the deep dark secret has arrived i sure hope that kid is not remys. i wonder now that things will change if their 5months together will be known, at the very least kitty will figure it out, im sure.
4/6/2010 c27 tradingtruthsforlies
you should DEFINITELY continue this! i really really REALLY hope you post a new chapter soon.
3/31/2010 c26 AcidxSunshine
Wow this is really good i was hooked

i got confused with what happened to apocalypse and

the fates of everyone after but this was wonderful
3/15/2010 c25 4LolittaDeath
This story was really good but im confused what happened with appocolipse. Whose point was the chapter from remy or john and what was he talking about.
5/23/2007 c25 PetiteDiable
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