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2/2/2011 c6 2Eru no Tsubasa
Awesome! Don't abandon this! XD
12/23/2009 c6 1riendeau
i love you

i love this world

i love my finger nails

i love that i can say i love

but more than all i love this fanfic

im over here trying to hold my laughs in -making these weird noises doing it

and my older brother is looking at my as if i was sent down from another world to make him lose his mind (ok ok i am dont tell him)

you need to write the next chapter like NOW !

please ~~
7/18/2009 c6 Jeantron
XD *claps for tomoyo* YAY! She escaped the clutches of Satan's son!
5/17/2009 c6 4Emeralddragon694
Nice Story. "Those. mean. nothing." You're a great author! Poor Tomoyo though. Kuro-chan's kinda a psycho...
5/24/2008 c6 5Fai'swingedchronicles
ah dont shut fai up i wanted to hear his lovely singing love it! it be funny if the thing that saves them is something of complete fais lovely singing voice!
11/29/2007 c1 5MasterSakura
col! =D
6/11/2007 c6 21anime-queen46
hoorah for Tomoyo RUN AWAY
3/30/2007 c4 VenusRising
I love Kurogane so so much. And I find his "protection" of Tomoyo hilarious. I also love her tea set with imaginary tea.
12/30/2006 c6 Fallen from the sky
that was extremely funny and random, please add more soon
12/17/2006 c6 r
Err . . . this story is getting more and more fangirlish the more I continue reading. -tries to stop her eyes from bleeding- You made all the characters from these two series very OOC, I don't think one is in character. I think Kurogane and Syaoran are the most out of character, and I think the best part of this story is when Toya and Yukito thought Fai was a yaoi god. XD So bizzare. Also, Sakura and Syaroan are not bland characters, unless you watch Cardcaptors where they butchered them to pieces. XD Card Captor Sakura for the win!
7/2/2006 c6 kieran
i love you. now please continue! xD This is a really good story, and such laughter being brought to my life is well appreciated. Keep up the good work! ^^
6/20/2006 c6 22bloodytwistedangel
I can see Fai reabid more than Kuro-Puu. Anyhow, Fai had an awesome role as a god/prisoner and I really, REALLY wished there was more ToyaYuki. Oh well.

Is this story going to end soon? (laughs)

We're reaching a climax... will Syaoran retrieve Sakura's feather...? will it be explained how Sakura's managed to stay awake for a whole five hours...? Will Kurogane blame the manjuu for last night's lonliness...? Okay. Yeah. I cheese things up. That's me.

Boo-Yah. great Strand.

~B.T.A. Ria-Chan has lost it...
6/19/2006 c4 29Phiso
Fai makes a lovely God. ^_^ I can't help but read his parts outloud. Oh, and to make it flow more, connects dialouge and narration lines together instead of separating them. ^_^ On to the next chappie!
6/10/2006 c6 21ImperialGuardian09
Um... wow. Yeah... I think when Fai was freaking out about the whole "Mokona is missing" thing, that was hiliarious...

...rabbit stew...

I say no more! Nice chapter! Can't wait for the next, but please don't sic Kurogane on me... then I'll have to pull out my wild, *they ran away again?* oh well. Later!
6/6/2006 c5 9chaos-naga
Hah! *LMAO!* This is REALLY funny. Hey, the only part I found bad was that TRC-Syaoran and TRC-Sakura are VERY OOC in this. Try to make them a little more IC!

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