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for How To Drive An Elf Insane

1/25/2019 c1 11DaisyInTheWild
This was great! Poor Legolas, he was SO patient...But everyone has a limit!
1/10/2018 c1 E.C.F
I can tell you EXACTLY how babies are made (believe or not, I got it from a kids' book from the 70s' or 80s'), but then some people would get mad at me for ruining their K-rated age children's minds.
11/12/2017 c1 6Fox-and-opossum-lover
Pippin reminds me alot of my younger brother! I mean Adam is Identical to Pippin in persona and I'm more like an Elf.
I would say that I'm like Legolas in this story exept that I'm a girl.

Love the story though!
5/30/2017 c1 27Lydwina Marie
Oh my gosh, this is hilarious! Great job!
8/5/2015 c1 deletedaccount0021
That was marvellous, PLEASE write more annoyed/flustered Legolas fics! This is one of the first I've ever seen and I love it! There was barely a moment when I wasn't laughing.
4/8/2013 c1 Guest
That was SOO funny! I can just imagine Pippin gets back to camp, calms down, and then keeps saying "Rhaich, rhaich, rhaich..." And then the look on Aragorn's face!
1/27/2013 c1 BakerStreetIsLastRefugeOfHope
Very funny.
1/15/2013 c1 22ZinkaDear
This was really funny! Pippin was being a pain in the ass for poor Legolas.
6/12/2011 c1 15ZJFS
It'd be funny if Pippin started swearing in front of Aragorn. I can just imagine that reaction! Good job!

1/28/2011 c1 8RhiannonWolf
This was really funny! Terrific job! X3

10/28/2008 c1 1wolfgirl413
Haha, I can totally imagine Pippin doing all that! Or being in a car and saying, over and over again, "are we there yet? are we there yet?" or whining to go to the bathrom or something. I love Pippin, though, he's adorable!
10/11/2008 c1 31Wing Moon
LOL aww so cute.
10/25/2007 c1 16Emmi-Chick
Oh I love this story!

Very well written!

Very funny!
7/21/2007 c1 11StarlightSkies
Cute, I liked it.

Liz - a.k.a. StarlightSkies
6/27/2007 c1 3KrasnayaSquare
Yay. That was cute. One slight comment though, most people don't know this, but horses can't actually feel hairs being pulled from their mane. Granted, some horses just hate the sound, so maybe that's what riled Bill. lol. Just thought I'd let you in on that random fact. Thanks a bunch!
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