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3/27/2015 c3 14little miss writer girl
Wow! So interesting! What book have you got? I'm doing a report on Jack the Ripper, I wouldn't mind getting some extra info! I have a few books myself.
7/30/2006 c2 18Dave-The-Laugh's-NewHotness
Good start - just thought you should know that the Ripper murders happened August to November 18, not 1870
5/23/2006 c12 73BregoBeauty
Good chapter! I can't wait to see all of their thoughts about the awkward situation. Please update soon! :)
5/18/2006 c11 17angelfan86
Poor rabbit. Interesting twist with Jack the Ripper kissing Lisa.
5/18/2006 c11 73BregoBeauty
Good chapter! :)
4/18/2006 c10 la-mort
cool story.
4/18/2006 c10 BregoBeauty
Good chapter! Jonathan worrying about Lisa is sweet! Please update soon! :)
4/13/2006 c9 BregoBeauty
Good chapter! Neither of them wanting to leave was sweet! Please update soon! :)
4/11/2006 c8 BregoBeauty
Good chapter! Is Lisa okay? Please update soon! :)
4/8/2006 c7 BregoBeauty
Great chapter! Come on, Crane! Go help Lisa! Please update soon! :)
4/6/2006 c6 BregoBeauty
Good chapter! So it's gonna be their little secret... Please update soon! :)
3/9/2006 c5 BregoBeauty
Good chapter! It's Lisa! Yay! Please update soon! :)
3/7/2006 c4 17angelfan86
Interesting...Very interesting... Please write more.
3/3/2006 c4 73BregoBeauty
Good chapter! Tracking down the 'Ripper' isn't gonna be easy, is it? Please update soon! :)
3/2/2006 c3 BregoBeauty
Great chapter! It's okay that it's short. Whatever makes it easier to understand is fine with me. It was nice to see Jonathan's POV. Please update soon! :)
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