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for The Sun and Moon of House Lyon

5/1/2006 c9 janell
wonderful ending! loved it. definately can't wait to start reading "Reunion." I'm sure it will be great!
4/30/2006 c9 FlorAlv86
This chapter was beautiful! through is quite funny to imagine Ladies man Lancelot, having twin daughters!
4/20/2006 c8 FlorAlv86
Poor Cordelia,and Arthur too. you wouldn't let anything happen to the babies right?
4/20/2006 c8 janell
great chapter...Oh poor delia! That's awful. i can't believe she had to go through that. Hopefully nothing happens to this baby, and i hope she'll be ok. And It's so cute how lance is so worried...and that egyptian guy couldn't even tell! lol I hope the twins and Emmy are also going to be ok. I can't wait for more...only 1 more chapter, right? I can't wait! post more soon please! :)
4/14/2006 c7 FlorAlv86
It was a beautifl chapter, especially the talk between Lancelot and Arthur.
4/14/2006 c7 janell
aw. this chapter was cute. I loved the emotional bonding there with Arthur and Lance. aw. And now the secrets out about Emmy. yay. so happy. :) I loved the chicken feathers thing by the way. funny. lol Well, I Can't wait for more. i wish that more people would review your story for you, but just remember that I like it. :) But anyways, definately can't wait for the next chapter...I keep getting more and more anxious for those babies. lol post soon please! :) take care.
4/9/2006 c6 janell
loved this chapter...great as usual...still looking forward to Dag's revenge...woo hoo, almost baby time. lol can't wait for more. post soon please! :)
3/31/2006 c5 janell
great chapter. definately can't wait for more. :) looking forward to these babies getting here... Dag taking emmy on walks is too cute. :) I'm interested to see how Dag is gonna "get lancelot back." Can't wait for more. POST SOON PLEASE!
3/25/2006 c4 janell
great chapter...poor Tristan. lol and poor Emmy...she's so worried about Lance losing interest in her...Loving this more and more with each chapter. Post more soon PLEASE! :)
3/24/2006 c4 Priestess of the Myrmidon
Aw... it's so cute! Poor Tristran. The sparring was great. You really are evil to our favorite knights. Well, lovely work with this. I chuckled, as always. Update as soon as you can!

3/17/2006 c3 Priestess of the Myrmidon
Hahahaha! You're so mean to poor Trissy. What ever will he do? :P Great work with this! I'm loving it more and more.

3/17/2006 c3 janell
Great Chapter! Loved it. The whole thing with Tristan was hilarious! And everything with Emmy and Lance is so cute! I definately cannot wait for these babies to be born! I have a feeling there is a surprise coming for Emmy and Lance when it's time for HER to give birth. ;) well, i can't wait for more. POST SOON PLEASE!
3/13/2006 c2 11GoGothGirl
"his mother in disguise"

ha! love that line!
3/11/2006 c2 13Troyfan16
this story is really amazingly awsome i can't wait until there is more
3/9/2006 c2 janell
great chapter...loved all the mocking of poor lancelot. He's not going to live this one down! lol I can't decide if letting the saxons live there will be a good thing or a bad...I can't wait to find out. post more soon please!
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