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for Severus Snape and the Muppetational Horcrux

5/26 c1 BMS
8) Cute.
Not sure even Snape deserves Miss Piggy torture though.
12/24/2019 c1 2Dragonmuse
This story made me laugh so hard. Brilliant.
10/18/2016 c1 39Arpad Hrunta
Insane and hilarious. Snape is the perfect person to endure the Muppets - his wounded dignity is wonderful.
5/9/2014 c1 16Ravenclaw Midnight Blue
Well, this was a different kind of Harry Potter story altogether! It would be interesting to know why the rubber chicken had been disguised, and by who.

Gonzo is a Crumple-Horned Snorkack! Ha-ha!

I wonder what Snape would have made of Animal...

Well written and pitched. Well done. I'm putting this one in my Favourites.
11/18/2012 c1 17Wrexscar
It shouldn't work and yet it does. Thank you for writing.
10/4/2012 c1 17Snarky64
Very funny, and actually very well plotted. Nice work.
11/27/2011 c1 22Katzztar

I really don't know which made me laugh more=

-"I am the Half-Blood Prince, he thought mournfully. I am in exile. And I am being molested by a pig."

- The Muppets succeding where the Golden Trio failed= causing Snape to loose his cool and perform magic on teh irritants infront of witnesses.

- Gonzo is magical creature... a crumpled hornd Snorkack! Gods, now I want to see a xover where Luna and HErmione are arguing over if they exist and Snape, just to get at the 'know-it-all, brings Gonzo in lol

And I loved the ending!
8/4/2011 c1 The Bookling
Gonzo as the Crumple-horned snorcack! Brilliant! Why did no one see it before?
4/3/2010 c1 dying gaul
I can't believe I've not noticed before! Gonzo is a Crumple-Horned Snorkack! It's so obvious now that you've pointed it out. Simply amazing. Also, It's simply amazing that you've managed to pull this off. Only a writer with a superior imagination could force together Miss Piggy and Severus Snape and make it believable as well as utterly hilarious. No slap stick is complete without a rubber chicken, I say.
9/8/2009 c1 mizlizlow
Some of my happiest childhood memories were of the Muppet Show! I could completely visualize this in my head. Too hilarious for words!
8/4/2009 c1 16notwolf
Ah, the Potter puke exacting revenge. Poor Severus, molested by a pig in search of the elusive horcrux. Love how he got rid of the howling animals, lol.

Ha! He found a crumple-horned snorkack! Luna was right. Hilarious-Miss Piggy has no thoughts!

Severus, straighten up! Don't think about becoming an entertainer, though your life would probably be happy for a change. All that for a rubber chicken...poor guy.
11/3/2008 c1 79Larner
Cute-very cute! And if anyone deserves a rubber chicken, it's Severus Snape! Heh!
12/25/2006 c1 3Professional scatterbrain
That was, simply HILARIOUS. I adored it. Being the Muppet fan I am, I just loved every part of it. Especially Gonzo's heratage. I can just imagine Luna's joy, and the Quibblers headlines if she ever found out.
5/9/2006 c1 1ruruken15
MY GOD! THIS WAS HILARIOUS! I didn't think Snape could be put through this much torment! Well, you just reevaluated my nice and perfect way of thinking, BUt hey, not that it was ever nice and perfect! ( )


(..)(11)(..) BUNNY! anyway, AWSOME AND HILARIOUS!
4/21/2006 c1 namaste95
Oh My Gosh. that was very interesting yet odd (in a good way) Very good though.
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