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for Once apon a midnight dreary

6/18/2014 c4
Please update! I really want to see what Drake tells Josh and what Josh's reaction is! Please! I love this so much!
9/7/2012 c1 Guest
Oh my god you are so funny your like "I wish not to be roasted so please so fiery flames" you ARE a comedian dude!
6/13/2011 c4 1Ashlin Night
this is a realy great storie. I hope you finish it. I would love to know how it ends :)
6/12/2011 c4 rawringpixie
This is really great! Please continue!
10/16/2009 c4 1Avenging Rose of Death
poor drake :(
2/3/2009 c4 9bananathebookworm
Are you going to continue this? Please do, it's really good.
7/29/2008 c4 5Death Note Owner13
oh, poor Drake. Update soon, please.
7/28/2008 c4 yeeeeeeeeet
Have fun at Camp! I hope you update soon! (:
7/27/2008 c4 10ShadowWolfDagger
Awesome Drake & Josh story can't wait to read more and see how it all plays out. Please update it soon ^_^

2/13/2008 c4 8Fantasy's Magic
Hey there, great story so far. Is it too much of a long shot to ask for you to continue? I know its been like, nearly 2 years but still.
12/13/2007 c4 49WhatsMyFandom
Lol, nice way to end it.

Ya know, every story I've read with Drake's dad has always made him abusive. hehe, ah well.
11/20/2007 c4 9Red K 5
Please update... I'm confused... Drake went to a foster family... do he ever go back to his parents or is Audry is real mom and Megan is real sister... I like the way this story is sad but not too sad... I want to read more please... why is Drake crying every night... is his father coming back to see him or something
11/11/2007 c4 roxy
i love this story!please update soon.
10/3/2007 c4 envious-eyes
Very Drake reaction there at the end!

Please update!
9/15/2007 c4 4rainbow cookies
keep going with this story! please..:)
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