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4/18/2011 c1 IDreamedADance
Awwwh! I love it! I love how you took out a more vulnerable part of Maureen, like no one does that, its so great to see a good fic with a Maureen POV that isn't "I'll date anything that moves, why is Joanne always so jealous?" Great job, soo cute :D
7/15/2010 c1 1AINSLEE-LOVE
this was perfect! 3
2/6/2007 c1 21Elpheen
This was...perfect...

You've captured the essence of Maureen, and it's so bittersweet I almost want to cry...And it takes a good fic to make me feel that way.

I guess I'd better go enjoy some more of your fics :p
12/26/2006 c1 6ChristmasEveLastYear
you are a great writer!

this was oh soo veryy cute. i loved it

great job
7/24/2006 c1 18XsunflowerX
i liked the angel reference. her being able to see everything - that was so true
3/27/2006 c1 Kichiko
Cute! Wished that scene in the park happened in the movie/play =] For some strange reason, tears were welling up in my eyes when they were playing in the snow. Maybe because it was such a nice memory of them written so well :)
3/8/2006 c1 Pheebes25
Aww, this was so cute!

Finally, there are a few good MoJo fics coming around.

And you can never have too much of them, so feel free to write as many on them as you can hehe:)
3/6/2006 c1 9Tracy Winston
This story is amazing, I love how you've portrayed Maureen's perspective on her relationship with Joanne. I really hope that you decide to continue this story. Please post more asap!
3/6/2006 c1 1MJ-979
This just like your Joanne fic 'The Game' is amazing! I can't believe how well you know these two characters. I haven't found a story until now that really shows Maureen and Joanne as something more than a "drama-queen" and a "too-serious-know-it-all" like so many other fics portray them! Awesome job! And like I said in my last review, you should write a longer Joanne/Maureen fic, you're a really good writer, I'm sure you'd pull it off with style! lol
3/6/2006 c1 ladybethaliz
aw! I really liked it! i think it was cute when Maureen tickled Joanne! It's refreshing to see a one-shot from Maureens POV that doesn't maker her sound bitchy...thanks!
3/6/2006 c1 8Boo Goes Squeak
That was fantastic! I could totally see that unfold into a scene from the movie, Maureen being cutely serious and Joanne having none of it. I wish this were more than a oneshot, but I understand that certain things can only go so far. You did a really well going inside Maureen's head. Great job!

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