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1/16/2015 c3 Rosario2634
Next chapter please! More Chibi Duo!
12/23/2014 c4 Rosario2634
next chapter pleeeeaaaaaaasssssseeeee!
6/25/2007 c4 10Ai-Kusabana
Hi there! Great fic!

Aw... Poor Duo! All this time he's been suffering and yet no one seems to notice... I believe he's losing himself because there are no wars to calm him... well I think they calmed him enough to at least make him sane but now that the war was or is temporarily stop the peace and quiet is getting to him! He can't even sleep without having nightmares! He suffered so much! Maybe at some point in time when he was with Solo, Sister Helen and Father Maxwell he lived a happy life and experienced being a kid and knowing how it feels to be love! *sniff*

Before he took the pills... He told of how he suffered... And it was too much to handle... even I'll break down if it happened to me... He might at some point did... But he was strong enough to not bother other people with his problems... Not to mention smiling, joking and laughing all the time! He's a really strong person but a person can only tolerate so much pain at the same time! No wonder he'll commit suicide!

OMG! He became a chibi! But... why? What's the purpose of it? Now I understand why Duo screamed! He must have been scared of Quatre and Quatre might have been surprise to see a chibi Duo or might have been startled at the scream... Don't relly know... =o='

Now the actions of this young Duo reflect how hard his life was... OMG! OMFG! *cries* Poor Duo! He'd been raped! He's soo young! Now that would explain the part about someone's heartless hand touching a child... No wonder he's like that... If I were him I could have commited suicide sooner... But what's with the Alliance scum? Is a member of alliance the one who raped him? What did the alliance do to him? Were they the one who raped him?

Hopefully they'll figure out that its really Duo! Gods, I hope Heero and the others can save him and hopefully bring him back to his true age and form!

11/3/2006 c4 12yaruna
I hope you'll update it soon

I truly enjoyed it ^_^
10/4/2006 c4 24purpleeyednekoyoukai


Update soon...

9/20/2006 c4 9shinigami109
is duo really 5 or whatever and plz update soon
6/21/2006 c4 16Taineyah
Please, please write more.

I enjoyed this immensely.
5/31/2006 c4 2Xx.Loveless-Romantic.xX
Aww! That was such a sweet ending to this chapter. I, personally, thought that having Heero slightly out of character made the plot more interesting. I know that if I saw a chibified Duo, I'd be driven to tears too. Anyway, I don't have any ideas for nicknames for all the pilots so I can't help you there. Gomen! Although I do look forward to reading more of this story if you decide to write more. Well, I think this review is long enough so until next time! Luv ya! Ja ne!
5/28/2006 c4 Beastiepox
Aww! That was ubber cute! And ignore my last comments about the pixie thing. I'm Irish, I can't help myself.

Well, I do believe you did an awesome job! You pretty much had Heero in character the entire time, but yes, at the ending, it didn't seem much like him. But I still love the cuteness of the entire thing. ^.^ Awesome!
5/28/2006 c4 3Vwolf Youjutsu
a *glomps chibiduo and hee-chan* that was tear-worthy! ^^;

Wufei- wuffers, wu-man, wu-bear, wu-wu, feifei, fei, wu, ching, chang, chingles, pringles! (my fav.), pendejo(spanish, pronounced "Pen-Deh-HO" - dumbass), wu-baka, capullo (Spanish-twit)

Heero- hee-chan, heero-pon (jap. spellin' it's hiiro-pon), XD you said that Mini-Duo knew alot of languages so, that gives alot of lee-way for nick-names they wont understand that you can use on anyone lol... Ro, mr. perfect, the Tank, muscles

Quatre- Q, q-bean, q-man, kat, kitty, kitten, q-momma... well... he acts motherly-ish sometimes... lol, kitkat, kumkwat,

Trowa- T, T-pappa, t-bone, tro-tro, tro, slim, clown, bang-boy, uni-bang, again... the use of foreign words could be usefull...

^.^ ciao! and please update soon!
5/27/2006 c4 02slittlebaka
*glomps the terrified chibi Duo* aww you poor baby! Heero Yuy you have to take care of him if ya don't I won't hesitate to hurt you! good story bye the way I love it keep writing!
5/27/2006 c4 1GenesisAda
It was a good chapter and I did like the end. I loved how the characterization for both Heero and Duo. Yes, I agree. A chibi Duo would move anyone to tears. Besides, just because Heero wears an unemotional, stoic, I don't Care, I'm Not Human Mask...we know it's just a mask and deep down he's just a little kid himself. So I think you did a good job with him. I've got nonthing on nicknames except the usual I read which usually consist Wu, Wuffie, Fei, Wuffers, Q, Quat(Cat), Q Bean, Q Ball, T, T Bear, and Tro. Can't wait til you update again!
5/27/2006 c2 SasatheShy
I'm guessing he either got turned into a girl, lost his memory, or even maybe got turned into a kid again? Plugh I dont know, guess I'll have to keep reading! :) This is very good, love it so far! :)
4/21/2006 c3 5Hitokimi
... 40 inchs.. 3 and a half feet. - laughs- Duo's been zapped back into a kid again. hahahhahahhah. At first I thought maybe he'd been made into the real god of death but this is much funnier.
4/20/2006 c3 2Xx.Loveless-Romantic.xX
Hello again! This chapter was, as usual, very well written. I loved every second of it except...what happened to Duo? I need to know! (Don't worry, take as much time to update as you need to. I do it all the time! :P) So until next time, luv ya! Ja ne!
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