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for Fwahah goes teh Rabbit

11/13/2010 c1 96thPerson
that was pro. i love kuro-tan's line, "because i'm goddamn sexy." it's so true and we all know it.
7/2/2006 c1 3Alana-kittychan
Alana: *giggles* GO Mokona!

Evo: XD
3/7/2006 c1 sfjkdlsajfdaaaadweeeffeaswe4sd
XD XD XD Funny!
3/7/2006 c1 73Hikari Kaitou
Ha! That certainly had some super great moments in there. I just have to say that it confused me a little (the bit where Kuro got drunk; did you say anything about him having a camera then?) but maybe I just missed something since I read it at like 5:30 this morning ^^'
3/6/2006 c1 11JackHollows
Eek! I'll be the stalker for once! That story I loved!

"because I'm goddamn sexy."

That was freakin' beautiful.

I love the hinty-ness...hinty-ness god *drools*


Your depiction of Kurogane is great, and all the random stuff you put in to make it amusing. God, now i'm gonna be ranting all night if i don't stop...

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