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6/28/2018 c3 Guest
Rin is ugly and should NEVER be old enough to be in a romantic relationship with Sesshomaru. Kagome isn't all that pretty, yet all these guys - ESPECIALLY Kouga - keep going after her. It makes me SICK!
4/12/2016 c33 lia113
you just have to finish this story...too big of a cliffhanger...and such amazing writing
2/29/2016 c6 4InuRiotGrrl
Loving this story so far!
It is kind of weird how Inuyasha keeps getting referenced as Kagome's "young man" or "young lover" though. How old did you make her?
Also, I love the fact that Inuyasha is terrified of and disgusted by Kikyo. :)
3/15/2012 c33 My Hero Academiafan 27
So what happens next?
3/1/2012 c33 bookworm4ever81
OMG! This story I truly an epic story. But it's not finished. Please complete this story soon. It's too good to leave it hanging like it is.
7/26/2011 c33 3baccamarielle
I just read this story for the first time. First of all, I really love the way its written (e.x. the language and story format. Most people can't write well at all these days.) I love how everything is tied to together and all the original characters fit really well. I know its been two years but I would really love to read the ending! Keep up the fantastic work!

P.S. I love that you have chosen Rin for Sesshomaru but still made Kagura out to be a good person. People usually pit the two of them against each other or leave Rin as a young girl. I like your style the best.
1/26/2010 c2 2dragonheart01
I like it
10/18/2009 c33 4HeidiBax
Loving this story. Well done ;)
10/18/2009 c2 HeidiBax
I'm loving this story so far. I can't wait to read the rest ;)
10/10/2009 c33 1Demonking101
WTF you for real I waited all this time to read your next chapter and this is all I get. You are very cruel. I love how this is going and can not wait to read the rest please do hurry and update. I was starting to give up at one point in time. please dont let me down. good luck and keep up the great work.
9/27/2009 c33 1iluvmitsukake
Agh! I'm so sorry it took me a while to review. Your writing was as amazing as always :). I have to say, I liked that Souta got some action in the beginning. I've always liked exploring the characters that are more "background". Did that even make sense? I'm a bit sad Kikyo reappeared only to get killed, but it had its purpose of course. I'm so excited for the alliance that is formed! Loved the chapter dear.
2/8/2009 c2 1Ivellios
I'm liking it and I can hardly wait until I have spare time to read even more!
1/15/2009 c32 1iluvmitsukake
I honestly squealed when I saw this alert in my inbox. I loved how when Rin was worried, her response was to run to Sesshomaru. I would react in exactly the same way. Of course, the other parts of the chapter were wonderful as well. That just struck me particularly. If anyone dares bitch about your updating schedule, they can just shut up. When you do update it is always a long chapter, and well written, which is more than many can say.
8/19/2008 c5 1suushisan
i love it
7/13/2008 c31 1Demonking101
man that was a great chapter how much more u think u have to go I just can't wait to read a see what happens next plz hurry an update soon
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