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for True selves

4/21/2019 c2 KarmaCC
Shit... I-I.. my Ranma...
6/22/2015 c2 21Billy-234
will you be adding to this story would be interested in reading more
12/10/2009 c2 Sonic52
Hello i really liked it but i have not seen you put up a new chapter to this one since when it first appeared and it sort of gets old if no new chapters have appeared so i was wondering if you plan to continue this one or not.
6/5/2008 c2 1Shlandria
This story is really good
1/20/2008 c2 8Dumbledork
Great story. Any chance for more?
3/21/2006 c2 Insanity's Avatar
I love the fic i think it is a really cool idea and when are you going to do another chapter i'd really love to know! oh and keep up the good work (^-^)
3/15/2006 c2 Nevos
Hmm so you are really going the route of the physiological trauma plot. While this is not necessarily bad you need to make sure it does not take up a majority of the story to fix it. I have read a couple stories that started like this and after a while I realize that some of the authors dwelled way too much on the abuse. So please take care not to make Ranma's personality change to radically because of the abuse that Genma put her through. By the way this is a great chapter and you need to correct one name and that is Nodoka not Nadoka. I will be looking forward to how you develop this story further in the next chapter.
3/15/2006 c1 Nevos
Hmm a programmed Ranma and a caring Happousai now that is a rather unique plot for a Ranma½ fanfic. The one thing that bugged me is that you misspelled Ranma’s mothers name it is Nodoka.
3/12/2006 c2 19Cornuthaum
It's been some time since I last left a review to any story, but this one seems to be quite intriguing...

Although, I do wonder what Ranma's "True" side is? The man or the woman in him?

And it makes me wanting to go "squee" with glee that Happosai is indeed indestructible. The old law of "the more perverted someone is, the harder he is to kill"... which makes Haposai able to survive being punted into a star xD

Oh well, I'm hoping to see more of this story in order to be able to comment more on it.

Finally, I wish to add one thing - where did that demon come from? I hope ever so much there will be at least "some" kind of explaination for this, seeing as that demonthingy seems to be a catalyst for Ranma "remembering"

Alas, keep up the good work and don't lose enthusiasm for writing!
3/12/2006 c2 7Lord Aries Greymon
Nice. I think it would be a bit better with some more descriptions of the events.

But I'm guessing that'll be in a revision later, if at all.

Still, it's very good, and I'd like to read more.
3/10/2006 c1 21Kuno-Baby
Halfway through the first chapter, I can barely stand this garbage. Please, stop making the dialogue into recaps! Finding out more naturally is a far better way to go.
3/9/2006 c2 1ranger5
Nice follow up. Again good progression, some questions answers, some not and others revealed, excellent. Makes me want to keep reading.
3/9/2006 c1 ranger5
Hopefully it won't take long for the next several chapters (not that I'm greedy or anything). Liked the start but it does leave several questions. Which I look forward to seeing the answers for. Such as whay Happosai referred to the curse as he did, and why locking it ... or as he so "interestingly said" removing it.
3/9/2006 c2 goku90504
intresting fic though not at all cannon just so you know (genma was not truely evil in cannon just a dumbass and careing more about makeing ranma strong than about makeing ranma happy)
3/9/2006 c2 BlazeStryker
Twisted indeed.

Fear not on the language issue, it's possible that magicians of all stripes speak (to them) normally and that the listener hears the words in a encoded format. Your anagrammed spell would fit into that definition.

(Fans of Glen Cook's Black Company series of books know what I am getting at, as Croaker's histories indicate that every spellcaster's words and gestures are a complete mystery, including to one another. Even the Company wizards haven't a clue what the others are actually saying in their work, and they've cobbled artifacts together on multiple occasions.)
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