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7/27/2006 c8 Theauthorsfavoriteperson
Guess who snookie.

It's BRILLIANT. I like muchly.
7/25/2006 c1 Charmed Ravenclaw
This is good, but I found it a tad confusing for some reason. Like the debate on reading the book's title... and maybe you should put less description in between the dialogue because it keeps making me forget what the conversation in about, which is very annoying. Also, it doesn't make sense. Even when I reread it I can't connect the dots. Plus, it makes it seem as though the replies come slowly, when they are meant to be quick. Lily comes off quite bitchy in this chapter. You also might want to work on the flow of the story. I don't mean to intend this as a flamer, just constructive criticism, and I do find it quite good. I like your ending.

Hey, a bit in here about James holding a book inspired me, and I was wondering if I could borrow a sentence from here to use in my own fanfic 50 Wrongs for Prongs in a Date. I hope you don't mind, I'll acknowledge you.

I like how you mentioned one event that made her hate him, the bumping into him and hating him forever thing. Reminds me of what happened between me and what happened to a guy in Year 6 :/ Though, even though I've been bitter in the way Lily is and my friends keep making fun of me saying I was gonna date him (Eurgh!) I still haven't :)

The thing about James looking ay his arse was funny :) And original. Wow, this is a really long review. Hope you don't mind :)
6/16/2006 c7 abababab
6/16/2006 c7 MissMagicalMischeif
sick (great) an extremely gud idea !
4/7/2006 c6 41silverdragoneyes14
i liked it. can't wait till the next chapter. keep me posted.
3/26/2006 c5 silverdragoneyes14
that was really good. i liked that last part on what luna said. anyway, was it luna who said, "as you shouldn't!"? that was the only confusing part. well, update me soon.
3/26/2006 c5 2mistymixwolf aka Perch
aw! a baby girl! CONGRATS! and nice chappy :D what does the baby look like? :3 lol i like what luna said at the end XD i understood em! XP *is a dork*

3/12/2006 c4 mistymixwolf aka Perch

3/12/2006 c4 41silverdragoneyes14
that was good. please don't tell me that ginny is going to fall for james. cause if she is, that's just wrong. clone boy! ha, i still can't get over that! hurry up and finish the story so i can start from the begging!
3/12/2006 c3 silverdragoneyes14
that was really good. you have to continue writing. is james ever going to find out that harry is his son? i think that would be cool if he did. in fact, i hope he does.
3/12/2006 c2 silverdragoneyes14
(Laughs histerically) clone boy! that's funny! that wasa very good chapter. clone booy! i still can't get over the that!
3/11/2006 c3 2mistymixwolf aka Perch
:O interesting plot ^^ i love it :D

3/10/2006 c2 3Cryptic Sarcasm
I can't wait until the next chapter!
3/9/2006 c1 7Pottalova
OMG this is so good... I love it please update soon!
3/9/2006 c1 englandrules
wow!this is good!pls update asap!x:D
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