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4/14/2006 c7 4Mighty Agamemnon
Hey! Awesome story! It's really coming along! But, will we ever know what Vegeta not existing has to do with this 2nd Goku taking over?
4/14/2006 c7 Sexual Deviant
Haha, "Are you okay?" I think someone would ask that to a man missing half his head. "Umm...dude theres like lots of blood...are you okay?" Chh, me? I was never subtle. "HOLY SHIT WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO YOU!" the good news is that most people get a laugh out of that.

Goku is so cool. I look at people sometimes and go...WOW they are HELLA ugly...but they use to be cute when they younger...too bad I didn't know 'em then...:insert wishful thinking: "You're a big fella." I am sorry but I couldn't help but think of his PACKAGE when you said that to Goku, then that image was followed by Goku grabbing himself and going, "YUP, milk is the anwser to everything."

OMG :starts hyperventaliating (sp?):...I can't stop laughing. He said he was in a comma...I love you. Haha. That guy was totally like...right :think Emperor's Groove Krunk (thats his name right?) right:

And just when I was like CALL HIM ALBINO SO I CAN LAUGH EVERYTIME THEY SAY HIS NAME...he has him call himself Albino. YES. You know my thought process.

Haha Jessie is mah hero. She does exactly what I do when I see pretty hair, molests it. I don't know why I do it either...BUT I LOVE PRETTY HAIR...especially when its am quirky...or something. I guess that is my head hair...not pubic. XD She reminds me of some southern chick...haha I can just imagine her flicking her hand like a feminine guy I should just say gay guy.

You know...Goku does look like a Castor in super saiyan form...never heard that name before either :grins:. "like he was God or something", perfect way to describe what Goku can do when evil. HEY but they say when your going through hell, KEEP ON GOING! :raises fist:

But at least evil Goku has the thought process of having everyone become equal...erm...this is kind of like COMMUNISM! DAYUM, good thing I didn't fall asleep in history class the day they explained what that meant. GO SALLY! Hmm, its true though. Almost every single war has been over religion...

BULMA IS ALIVE! SCORE! I see a shrouded plotline forming...YES! This is like a video game ( idea what the hell I am thinking about either) where you are sticking a few of the puzzle pieces together and getting excited when a cluster begins forming.

Uh-oh. BAM. Found a word spelling wrong that you might want to correct someday, none-existent is non-existent...I think...hit me in the head if I am wrong.

GEEZ, I love this character. He is so evil...this is reminding me of this one movie I saw called V For Vendetta (go see it, completely kick ass). Everything is twisted...but it makes sense. Kill one family member then the rest will be completely depressed and perhaps a whole revenge scheme will start? So might as well kill 'em all. Muahaha...haha.

Oh man oh man. I got all teary eyed when Sam started talking about Jessie and the whole, 'but she is mortal...' OH NO! Goku cannot let Jessie die...but if he wants a low profile...or he can work with her card...hmm...unless the card has some identification trick to it...BAM hit me in the gut...and then 'he didn't sleep a wink the whole night'...I am officially obsessed with obsessing over this story.


4/13/2006 c6 9Mitsuru6
i want to know, what went wrong with the wish? will Vegeta be here in this world?

4/12/2006 c1 6Alexandrea Romanzesco
hm...really like it so far..i fell bad cuz this story came out right when all this stuff was happening and i couldn't get time to read..

4/12/2006 c6 Sexual Deviant
The moon metaphor with the "oh look how cute!" ...have no idea why I smirked while reading that ( must bring out my inner pun...okay yes there was intended pun).

"This just sucked." I still don't understand how you can make me laugh at everyday words...phrases would be better actually. I need to know your secret of combining words that everyone uses and making them look complicated! sounds like I am saying you make 'suck' seem complicated...but then again :raises eyebrows: you can use it in several different ways neh? So TECHNICALLY it is complicated.

Sentence of the Story: "Even Vegeta wasn't this messed up." I am still giggling...I hate the word giggle...okay I am still 'muahahaha' ing at it.

DUDE (yes dude) I think that is so effing cool that you are explaining how his emotions are unstable which goes hand in hand with why his ki is so f'ed up. Then I love how you have Goku still maintaining control over his ki ( that even the right word?) while changing how he looks by going super saiyan (hes so super isn't he?) made seem like 'Umm...big deal' to most people but I would not have been able to think...hmm lets have him change his appearance by going super saiyan. Throwing a paper bag over his head...yes...going super saiyan no...cutting his hair...yes...going you get it.

So then when he gets behind the tree and FINALLY looks at who the hell Mr. Bad Ass is (assuming makes an ass out of him...and someone) he uses 'I was so fucking wrong' the feeling of dread immediately entered my stomach...oh who the fuck am I kidding. I was like YES! YES! HELL EFFING YES! FINALLY!...oh shit I just cummed...jk jk. I think I stole that off some movie I just heard my friend going on about...something about how some guy winks at her and then she is like "oh my I just came"...I seem to be getting off topic again...but your stories seem to do that to me. :D

Oh shit...Mr. Bad Ass Goku sounds sexy...why oh why can't they have him dress like that in DBZ? ...really?

You know as soon as he 'apologizes' that something is wrong...he is so completely fucking insane that I do believe I already feel in love with him. And the sweet (if you can call him that) Goku can only look on in horror...hell I wouldn't do anything either...I would be like..."umm...maybe I should have wished to be sucked into Kingdom Hearts of some shit...this is gay...haha literally". And...just as Goku is realizing that his bad ass self is beautiful I imagine that he was...I am wondering which Goku is more powerful though...makes me wonder if the insane one is more powerful because Goku would not be so insistent on hiding if he wasn't...then again you are Camaro you may have something else up your sleeve.

He fucken said 'albino'...LMAO are you trying to make me die laughing after a scene where you are suppose to be horrified? Haha...:still laughing: Highlight of this the whole thing was a highlight. This story is too good to be true...and I am depressed that it already ended. But that means I will just read the next chapter with speed...or something like that. Oh well KH2 will keep me occupied until then. Love you long time! And sorry this is such a long review but GAH I couldn't help it.
4/11/2006 c5 5Jay FicLover
Quote: ("Vegeta, Vegeta," I breathed almost sadistically, moving my fingers over drenched, gory pieces of loose flesh. His only response was a bubbly stream of blood that shot out from the portion of his face that was once a mouth.)

I'm sorry, I just can't understand why this caused me such a hilarious mental image. Oh, yeah, I know now...

Remember the Mario Bros movie with Bob Hoskins as Mario, John Legizamo as Luigi, Dennis Hooper as evil King Koopa, and Samantha Mathis as Princess Daisy? In that movie the whole city evil Koopa ruled over was covered in fungus, and the guys found out that the fungus was actually Princess Daisy's father, the true and just King that Koopa had overthrowed and turned into the fungus with his 'involutionary machine'... and when she found out Princess Daisy ran and lovingly hugged her 'father', the fungus, asking if it was really him, and her only response was the fungus 'farting' at her... causing her and Lugi and Mario to wrinkle their noses. Her 'father' *farted* at her, LMAO. What was supposed to be the tender moment dramatic moment of reunion of a father and a long lost daughter was culminated with a fungus fart. This scene from your fic reminded me to that movie scene that made me laugh till my insides hurt.

So, it really isn't Vegeta, or is it? Update ASAP plz!
4/10/2006 c5 9Mitsuru6
emm.. i didnt get it! what was this all about? update soon!

4/9/2006 c5 Sexual Deviant
Holy shit when he was beating him up I could actually visualize how he looked through your wasn't pretty. Especially when the bubbly stream of blood shot from what was once his mouth...:shudders: Could I seriously love you anymore for making me feel that revolted at how the guy looks? I think I am still like WOAH SHE UPDATED! YOU GUYS THE GODDESS HAS UPDATED!

But anyways continuing on reading I love how he says the way he saw it, they both died...and yes they did in a sense...esh. I love your skills.

I completely started flipping when he went to the alternate universe and everyone was like "yessir, a blowjob with that?"...okay now I am just being silly but I am shaking with excitement...I really do honest to God love your stories...

BUT HOW COULD YOU LEAVE ON SUCH A HORRIBLE CLIFFHANGER! :shaking: I think I am about to cry...its all like "CHECK OUR CARDS! WE PAY! WE PAY NOW!" or whatever and then BAM Goku feels an evil presence...and we all know who it is. AND it ain't Vegeta...but its still so exciting to read who it shall be. Even if you do know. GAH! I can't wait to read the look on Goku's face when he senses the aura and then realizes that its not Vegeta after-all...I wonder if in this world there are no dragonballs...Eh who really cares. I would love for Goku to stay in this world AS LONG AS POSSIBLE. More entertainment value neh? Anyways GORGEOUS I cannot wait to see what else you come up with. Just remember you are the Goddess of DBZ fanfiction.
4/8/2006 c4 majinbulgeta
Omg..this story reached me in so many ways I cant even begin to explain. Mere words cant describe it. I just love this to death. The feelings..i felt them all. I felt like i was there. I was him and damn that was strong. You simply are amazing.
4/5/2006 c4 impulsiveglitch
wow! excellent story! i used 2 b a big fan ov dragon ball z bt i havent watched it 4 yrs. wuz really gd doh, so i can still rememba all da charactas. nice work. x ^_^
4/5/2006 c4 Veggi-chan
I f-ing LOVE you! You are without doubt, the most amazing writer I've come across. Please write more!
4/4/2006 c4 Sexual Deviant
:begins crying FOR Goku...or whatever hell name he goes by:


That shocked the shit out of me...


I need to

YOU HAVE to be hiding some of it from me...somewhere...I need to get into a site that has more than 4 chapters of this story...I knew if I read one of your stories I would be addicted by the 8th chapter where I thought about it every chance I got and when you would update...BUT I need to read the whole thing now...

and 'he'...who is 'he'...I am guessing Goku is writing this story...from some alternate universe? And the 'he' is either someone else or 'vegeta'...but I doubt he would be worried over Vegeta. As Vegeta said...he was never able to defeat Goku. I LOVE YOOH.

Your faithful slash stalker reviewer (that has no idea where you live so I guess it doesn't count...)

4/4/2006 c3 Sexual Deviant

How the hell did miss this? I think when people read your stories...they are indebted to leave at least a sentence...(besides I would kill anyone that left one word on a review anyways...)

I have a feeling if I had read this on MM there may have been a sex scene but right now that bitch site is not working on my computer...or rather my computer is not working? XD

Oh well.

At least I can amuse myself with the next chapter neh?
4/4/2006 c4 Mitsuru6
never thought of that... i like Vegeta, you made him look like a crazy dog! well, update soon.

3/31/2006 c3 Alexandraite
Wow. As much as I love for Goku to always be good, regardless of his temptations, this chapter was great. It gave me chills (and why did the boy have to die! *sniffs*) and Vegeta is just freaking awesome! "Slaughter them," He told me, seeing my hesitance. "Kill them all." Heck yeah! That's Vegeta...I like to be reminded that are handsome heroes are indeed Saiyan and alien. And while I have slight reservations about Vegeta's proclamations at the end, I loved it. It was Hot. So, I love it...Can't wait for more!
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