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3/31/2006 c2 Alexandraite
Okay, Camaro, I have not gotten to chapter 3 yet but that was just AMAZING! Although I am usually not a fan of the 'first person' voice, I find that the way you have characterized Goku is very compelling (sp?) and believable for this character and the 'first person' point of view is perfect in this. I think that it is great that you gave depth to Goku's exploration of his relationship with Chichi and where and how it went wrong, not just relying on the 'Boy, I think my wife is annoying now!' kind of excuse you get in most V/G fics (unless they just kill her off). And I LOVE your description of how Goku's sees his fascination/obsession with Vegeta. It fits very well with Goku's character. I think that he is more complex than most write for him and the way you have presented it just *makes sense*. Sorry this is long winded. Great job! I'm off to chapter 3!
3/29/2006 c3 5Jay FicLover

Now that I got that out of my chest, let's proceed with the review.

I'm kinda obsessed with Alucard from Hellsing lately, the coolest version of Dracula I've ever seen (judging for your writing style, I'd dare make a guess that you would love him, he's a complete horny bloodthristy psycho, and not the least ashamed of it... though he has the excuse that he is, a vampire, LOL). That's why I haven't been around the DBZ sections of ffnet and adultffnet lately. Shame on me. :-)

*Re-reeds chapter* Gah! This is the side my Goku's been hiding from me all these years? How dare you, Goku! It's disgusting! It's disgusting that you didn't show this to me and Vegeta 'sooner'! How dare you keep something like THIS to yourself? ^^D

Goku's a bit confused, though, chalking it all up to his saiyan heritage... There haven't been any super saiyans for a thousand years, after all... so he can't as surely label it as typical saiyan behavior.

Perhaps THIS is the very reason there haven't been super saiyans: their immense power got them insane, just like the Ozaru, and they were rejected and persecuted by the normal saiyans cause they were dangerous (think of Brolly/Buroli).

Perhaps Vegeta and Goku have reached a level of power were they'll turn as insane as Buroli.
3/27/2006 c3 9Mitsuru6
wow, that was so intense!

3/26/2006 c2 Mitsuru6
how touching! update soon! uh, i hope Vegeta is uke here!

3/25/2006 c2 Addict606
To 87,

If you didn't notice in the summary it mentioned that this is a GokuVegeta fic. Also fanfiction is an art of interpretation and this is Camaros interpretation. What a writer has to do is make something which is unbeliveable in someones eyes believable, Camaro does this and more. She gives charaters a new depth and writes with beautiful imagery and style.

What you've got to realise is that even if you believe Goku and Vegeta are straight, other people believe they're gay. Welcome to the real world. Everyone is different and its not disgusting.

And next time you decide to flame someone maybe you should consider choosing an author alot less talented and supported than Camaro.

See you next time.
3/25/2006 c2 87
OMG...this is the most disgusting thing i have read in my life

Goku & Vegeta aren't gay besides

shame on you for making the Vegeta like this
3/21/2006 c2 Chloe
This is amazing, as per usual with your writing. I like how different it seems from some of your others, more emotional, a little fuzzier. I like it. A big part of me doesn't want to leave this, I don't know how the rest of the story could top such a phenomenal chapter. I can't help but wish I could just stay in the little world of the hotspring, and not have to go into another epic story. I like this chapter too much to want to go on, but I'm sure it should only get even better.
3/17/2006 c2 198Bramblerose4
This story is just too good for words. But I will try, I realy enjoyed this story. I love reading stories were Goku is completely OOC. Granted I love Goku, but reading this fics are refreshing and help indulge my GokuX Vegeta obsession. Great work!
3/13/2006 c2 Laur
Whoa... Came on fanfiction for the first time in awhile... and who do i see with a new story posted... No other than my favorite writer out there as of right now.

Awesome... I like this one alot... it was refreshing so far.. and I can't wait till more comes out..

Keep up the good work Camero!
3/12/2006 c2 5Jay FicLover
It's kinda hard for me to picture Vegeta with 'imploring eyes'. That expression sounds so much like 'puppy-eyes' that I hardly see it as 'Vegepossible' ^_^

Perhaps Goku sees an imploring glint deeply hidden in Vegeta's eyes that nobody else is able to perceive?

Quote:(Vegeta just smiled at her, winking flirtateously. "I'm borrowing him." He told her simply, inviting no disagreements. "Ok." She said, blinking hard.)


This is so damn hot I need a cold shower now... where's my casual lover when needed? :-)
3/10/2006 c2 Sexual Deviant

I effing love you, worship, adore, hail, name it and I shall say it.

Gorgeous chapter.

Long but your writing is so...CAPTIVATING that I don't even notice the length of it when I am reading this. I do believe I am starting to like Vegeta and Goku pairings already.

JUST from reading two chapters. Go Mah!

I have too many thoughts frying up my brain to write in this review. So before I go completely insane trying to think up the perfect review just know that your writing is INSANELY perfect. Seriously. :D
3/10/2006 c1 Sexual Deviant

That is what I am talking about.

WE FINALLY have the kick ass author we all know and love whom is back again...

Thank you God!


Or more like 'thank you Camaro' neh?

Wow you should've seen my face when I saw your story up again.

Shock then glee.

Hehe I am still giggling like an idiot. Well anytime you update I will be sure to read and review. By the way interesting start.

Even if I am not exactly Mizz GOKU + VEGETA = CHAN BABIES! Thats okay because I love your writing. You love the writing you love the author neh?
3/10/2006 c2 Sara

I like it. I'm not sure where it's going Hell.. it's only two chapters but I'm willing to admit the possibilty of a future addiction, as it always becomes with your writings. Hehehe. After monster it's strange to have a more open and ...feeling? Yeah I guess that'll do,Vegeta. I can't wait for more and also on the your first chapter 'we would f, mindlessly, thoughtlessly... ' I presume you meant fuck.

Just helping you out. Looks good! Can't wait for more.

3/10/2006 c1 Addict606
Hey your posting here again! May as well. Dark Angel has got some good reviews. Maybe you should post Fathoming Love too? Hahaha I'm way too obsessed with that story, I'm addicted and you've made my name come true! Hopefully these won't get deleted. Good Luck.

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