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2/2/2013 c12 18Brain Freak
You wouldn't believe how happy I was when I saw that this was finally updated. Just a shame it had to end T-T. Although I was hoping it would be another Lady/Killer chapter, I still enjoyed this. Lovely descriptions and your twist on the game was very well done and believable, you delved deeper into the characters and fleshed them out a lot more, plus the ending was nice and gruesome. Thank you for writing this marvelous story.
1/29/2013 c12 113Tiger5913
Augh, you’re so horrible. :( Okay, not really. Because with SH’s penchant for bad endings, yes, this very well could have happened. Of course, I’m wondering if they will REALLY meet her, because while I’m sure Grace went to heaven, Johnny and Shania… after committing murder on each other… yeah… maybe not. (Hey, they could always get stuck in Purgatory and have to complete the dungeon all by themselves!)

Honestly, I was hoping for a happier ending, but all along the way, it was building up to this conclusion. It must have been creepy as hell for Shania to keep seeing Lady in Johnny. Like some kind of twisted sister complex. u.u Johnny just wants his happily ever after, damn it. Chasing after cats (pfft) and having a hot girlfriend sleep in his bed! That’s the American dream.

I really hope this isn’t the last SH fic you ever write. You’ll miss the fandom someday. XD Catch you around!
7/10/2011 c11 18Brain Freak
Hey, please continue! You are an amazing writer, you've captured the characters' personalities very well. I liked how you told parts of the story in Lady's perspective, how she viewed the world and the people around her, it always fascinated me.

I liked the Killer bits! ;)There's something about a possesive Killer that is really sexy :)It's a shame the kiss in ch.7 was so brief T-T

I really do hope you get back to writing this story, it's just so amazing! You're definately one of my favourite authors. Hope to be seeing more soon!
3/12/2010 c11 1bufudyne
I really enjoyed this story, especially the first chapter. I had been looking for some Killer/Lady, and this was very satisfying. The way you interpreted their deaths was touching! The Edna/Ricardo in there was great too.
6/7/2008 c11 4blackrogue123
Wow, I'm not really sure what to say. You did an incredible job of characterizing everyone in here. Out of aall the chracters, Lady and Killer were my favorites, even if they were a royal pain in the backside, being the villians and all...

Well, I guess they have the afterlife together, great job!
12/27/2007 c10 113Tiger5913
Die, Killer! Despite the sadness that Lady felt when she found him motionless and cool, I was admittedly happy to have killed that son of a bitch. I think I had Johnny strike the killing blow on purpose, since it seemed most appropriate and all. ^_^ The only noble thing I see in Killer is his protective behavior toward Lady, but other than that, I really feel no remorse for his death. .
12/27/2007 c8 Tiger5913
D= Don't touch Johnny, you piece of crap! That boy has gone through way too much bull to have the attention of a ruthless murderer who is in cohorts with his Malice-doped sister... Oh, I am so glad Johnny kicked his ass in Utah later as Awaker. I can't believe Killer would blame Johnny for being something that Lady can never attain herself. .; Grace made her choice, and to undo that would be to completely waste her sacrifice for her dear little brother.
12/27/2007 c6 Tiger5913
...XD I think Lady is probably asexual or pansexual, but in all honesty, she's probably just attracted to persons with power. It isn't until the end that she realizes she feels an attachment to Killer, after all, so prior to that, she really has not shown any warmth to other people around her. I like that Killer is so disgruntled with her... like he's jealous, haha.
12/27/2007 c4 Tiger5913
D: Edna... she doesn't deserve to suffer this much, damn it. She is such a sweet woman... It's so sad that she thinks she killed her brother, when she really didn't. . Killer is a real asshole to her. I think Edna should cut his face with a blade of Malice, hahaha. (I'm not very nice to Killer, am I? ^^0)
12/27/2007 c2 Tiger5913
Oh, Edna... How I wish she hadn't had to die in the game. D: I really wanted her and Ricardo to be together, but damn it, SH gives us yet another angsty, tragic ending with a couple that is in love... .; Why torment us so...? Aww. I'm glad Edna got to kill the assholes that shot her, though. They truly deserved to die...
12/27/2007 c1 Tiger5913
Da-amn... nice perspective from Killer. He's got some raunchy desires... XD I just hope he knows to keep it in his pants, or Lady will kill him if he dares to cross the line with her. And with a single kiss of evil red warmth, Killer has been reborn...
11/17/2007 c11 Tiger5913
I saw your improvements and I applaud you for taking my comments so coolly. :D Truthfully, despite the good relationship that you and I have, I was just a little nervous about composing the response to you because I've had some people that were really sensitive about constructive criticism, so I always try to be as gentle as possible. Anyway, I like this end product just as much as the draft that I had read. The first thing that came to mind was, "Wow, this is great!" before I sat down and read the whole thing very carefully to catch the errors and check for the flow of the story. I would gush some more, but you kind of already know what I think about this story due to my previous e-mail, I believe. ^_~ Anyway, if you ever have other stories that you would like a beta for, please let me know. I'd be more than happy to help you out. :) Here's to hoping that none of my reviews for you will ever appear on FanFic Rants! =P See ya next update...
10/7/2007 c9 Tiger5913
Wow, this was absolutely amazing. :D I'm sad that she wants to kill Johnny, but... still, I loved the whole story. Poor Johnny... run, little boy, run! XD
5/9/2007 c8 14Orika
Oh, I love the story especially when Lady noticed Johnny. Poor Lady doesn't even know that her body actually belonged to Johnny's older sister Grace, what she knows is that Johnny is like her... And Killer finds out something in Johnny that is similar to Lady. This story is changing my perception on Killer. On the game I could only think of him as a tough villain to fight, not to mention long... I can't wait for the next chapter...

Update soon okay...
2/16/2007 c8 Readasaur
Oh, I love this! Please continue!
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