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1/9/2007 c8 Dewy Rosebud
Nu dun b scaird its jus me puffy t. :D

*gets bludgeoned to death*


Ok, ok don't please don't hurt me anymore! T.T

Killer's dedication to Lady always...fascinates me. The things he'd do for her - enhanced here through your words - makes him my most favorite villain. :D

I never gave much thought how Gerard and his lover would have reacted on seeing Killer, I mean, yeah he's bound to meet them upon entrance...but I always assumed, they ran and hid themselves. XD But now it sounds very much something those wacky vendors would do. Hehehe. Adding that scene, even if briefly was a nice addition.

I don't know how to say this...but, you brought out the human side of Killer, I mean, I always looked at him like some invincible foe - he's one tough cookie in battle, he's Malice!empowered - that reading how he talked to catch his breath, how the first landing knocked off the air from him...and yet he kept moving, it showed me the other side of him, the vulnerable, human side. :3 And it's a wonderful experience.

Ok, I'll shush before I put you to sleep. XD I just want to say that I enjoyed that description about their weapons...and how surprised I am that it was Frank's pedestal that knocked out Killer. I mean, yesh, I've just realized that he has to be knocked out, not killed for the story to continue...but still! Hehe, Frankie must feel so proud of himself!
11/16/2006 c7 66Krylancelo
Very nice. I hope you update soon! I like Lady at the moment!
6/24/2006 c7 113Tiger5913
Ooh, I really enjoyed that little bit between Lady and Killer. He sure is possessive, huh? ^_^ Great insight on Lady too. I always wondered why she gave Shania the power of Malice...
6/24/2006 c7 puffer fish XD
There's simply something irresistably sexy about a possessive Killer. Yummy!

Is he a sensual man? What you think? :)

This fic is such a teaser! Why was the kiss so brief?

Ok, I'm so stuck on Killer's kiss, what can I do? XD~

*Reads Killer's kiss again*

Lovely! Me is soo thrilled!
6/24/2006 c7 8Aeris888
Reading that moment between Killer and Lady made me insanely giddy (if only there were more!) and here I was hoping I wouldn't act like such a groupie. Oh, well. It can't be helped as your writing always manage to elicit that reaction from me.

I like this not only from how well-written it is but most especially with the way you portrayed Lady. It's hard as hell to keep her in character, but you managed to make her thoughts and (feelings, I dare say) to be entirely believable. There are not many fanfics about her in this section, and that is such a shame as I find her character to have lots of potential (if only I can write as good as you).

So. Yeah. Whoa.
6/9/2006 c6 15Puffy Tribulation
It must be Shania's hatred that drew Lady to her. Now I wonder about Edna, or like Killer said, she has a thing for women! XD~

That 'scarecrow with red hair' reminded me of a part in the game where Killer looked different, his shoulders were sloppy, and he walked funny! XD~

Overall, I enjoyed reading it to the end. (Esp. that part where Shania received the Malice, hmm yeah! Very nice touch!)

It's like seeing a scene they have forgotten to include in the game.

I liked how this chp. ended, which for me is the hardest part of a fic. If you've forgotten something, I didn't notice, it's smooth and done well.
4/25/2006 c5 Puffy Tribulation
From what I remember, the line Killer said has something about jilted lovers, though I can't really recall what he said word for word...anyway that's not important. XD~

This is a beautiful piece, I never gave much thought to Edna I must confess, I only had eyes for Killer and Lady, hehe, no surprise there I'm sure, but this story moved me about her struggle from the malice, how she fought against it, her thoughts about Ricardo and her fears of rejection, all of this in just a chapter and yet somehow it enhanced my views on her.

Hmm lovely, and so sad. T.T
4/24/2006 c5 113Tiger5913
Whoa, this was intense. Very nice and exquisite descriptions there; I really felt the pain and agony that she was going through. And speaking o her, urgh, I feel so sorry for Edna. :( I wish she and Ricardo had had a happy ending together...
3/28/2006 c4 15Puffy Tribulation
ooh smexy Killer, he makes me drool! Heheheh!

I liked that hooded sketch too, wasn't it Lady, the one beside him? though the outfit is nothing like the one in the game.

Ah poor, gentle Edna, it must horrifying for her to be tainted with Malice. T.T I admire her love for her brother.
3/26/2006 c4 RubberBandMan
Hey, good stories as always. I predict that there will be alot of Killer stories, and I bet what you write now (before most people start writing) will influence other writers. I saw that fansite too, and I agree that the Killer hood thing looks cool.

Anyways, I know feedback is important for writers to keep putting up new chapters, so keep going!
3/22/2006 c3 Puffy Tribulation
Playful Killer is so evil!

Me is curious what Killer would have done if he knew what Lady is thinking. Why Lady thought it's unnecessary.
3/21/2006 c1 36MikoNoNyte
"...and in that moment she becomes all."

That sums it up in a byte. Esp. with what comes later, this is very interesting.

Damn! Why did they have to make the villains so much fun this time around!

Good job Aries.
3/21/2006 c3 113Tiger5913
Ooh, wicked. Pssh, stupid Killer for doing that. If Ricardo knew, he would kill him. ^^0 I can't wait for Shania's chapter...
3/17/2006 c2 15Puffy Tribulation
Aw Edna, I sure am spoiling myself by reading this when I won't be playing the game till later, but I can't help it!

You describe her feelings/thoughts/surroundings so vividly it's like seeing the whole scene before me!

Ricardo intrigues me, sensible but passionate = Yummy!

Greasy hair? nu! Ok, the stubble at his chin is a good indication about um, Killer's hygiene, but...but still! T.T He's eye candy to me! Now how will I look at him without remembering greasy hair? T.T
3/12/2006 c1 Puffy Tribulation
"Lust is a deadly sin, but it's gotta be sinful to make others feel it."

I always liked this line, ever since I first read it at gaia. I mean, Killer is wounded and all that but he still felt something, mwahahaha! Or at least, that's what he thought after seeing how she is dressed. ;)

Goddess is o so fitting. Killer does seem so awed with Lady that first meeting.

In a way, I liked the first ending better, though it gave you problems. T.T It gave me the impression that Killer bowed down to Lady because she got the power.

Of course, this ending is good too, and very fitting with the title, it's just that I felt Killer isn't in the picture anymore. T.T

Your story is superb as always.
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