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10/25 c6 DarkBetty
This is my absolute fav POTO fic. I beg for a sequel!

Future editing note: you mention in chapter 3 that Christine changes into ballet flats but then here she’s still wearing her Aminita boots
10/5 c6 GutterBallet
Did you remove the part where they talk about golf during the electric car ride? I loved that convo :')
9/15 c5 12ThePhantom'sEnigma
Heya! Obviously, I'm re-reading your masterpiece once more and still marvelling at the characterisation of it all! Just wanted to mention on this chapter that she makes reference to a 'long drugged sleep' which might have been overlooked when you edited! Still, I adore the bathroom scene so much, it's adorable about Erik's comment of 'shooting himself six months ago' Awwwww, can I just like, give him a hug, please? And his extreme efforts of avoiding contact and her business like attitude... Just honestly, I adore your attention to detail! I have no idea how much research you must have done, but years later I'm still in awe!
Your ever humble reader,
7/28 c11 1niviennivielle
Hi! I absolutely love this chapter, just like the rest of your story. Today I found myself rereading it yet AGAIN (I sincerely don’t know how many times I’ve read it before, but I can easily quote come passages from memory) and I decided to let you know about one thing that remains imperfect here. And please know that it comes from a place of love, as well as from my ballroom dancer’s perspective. I’m afraid Erik’s posture is wrong. If he is to be as skilled a dancer as I believe you want to portray him, he’d never ever put a hand on Christine’s waist - it should be her shoulder blade. Their ribs absolutely are supposed to be pressed together, and not occasionally, just like their hipbones. Also, Christine should hold her hand on his arm just below the shoulder - if she danced before, she would now that, although I get she’s distracted and scared here, so she might not remember such details. Thank you for your amazing writing!
7/18 c25 4Hannani
This is one of my favourite Erik&Chrstine stories if not the favourite. I love how you portrayed Erik and how we could follow Christine's thoughts - it made it so realistic and relatable. Thank you so much for sharing!
7/1 c24 Sophd789
In all seriousness this is without a doubt the best fic ive EVER read. Thank you so much for this
6/11 c1 Wanderingwinter
I just love this story so much. There are not any words. I feel like Erik, starstruck by Christine, every time I reread this. I've read your stories so many times as a comfort, unlocking more depth each time. It quite literally never gets old. I really do hope, wonderful author, that you make another epilogue (if you can of course) because I think I speak for everyone when I say even another word of this work, would be a blessing. Similarly, if you do choose to continue your other work, Sympathy for The Devil, I might have a heart attack from joy. I have read it almost monthly for a year now and love to imagine the places it could go. You have brought such a gift to the fandom with your marvelous stories, and thank you for helping keep my interest in this wonderful fandom alive. I hope you are doing well and all of your fans in my country wish you the best! Brava!
5/3 c23 StarryKnight565
Read through #? I've lost count. Can I just say that it never gets old? I love this story so so much, one of the few Phantom stories I remember with clarity by name out of the many many that I've read. Truly a pleasure every single time. I sincerely thank you, you are a service to the fandom. I will keep reviewing every so often until I run out of chapters lol
4/5 c25 6PhantomFemme du Pantages
Dear Veronique. As I've said before, this Phic is a masterpiece! I said last year that I'd go back and read this final chapter in context and give it a proper review, and I finally got around to doing so. And I'm in awe once again! Yep, you totally succeeded in writing blissed out happiness without it being bland or the characters being ooc. Erik definitely still feels like Erik, both the Erik of the ALW musical and the Erik of previous chapters. And Christine still feels like the Christine of this Phic as she's developed through the story - all grown up now and ready to be with him. Also, I love the way you've portrayed both the extreme tenderness and desire in their blossoming relationship. Beautiful! And you've done it without having to get really explicit, too, which is masterful! What is more, I love how richly descriptive your writing is. You give so much detail of the places you take these two, and yet it never feels bogged down in description! In general, I'm in complete awe of the way you use language in this Phic, both to describe the settings and to really convey and evoke emotions. The authorial craft is just so superb! And you've succeeded in keeping that level of artistry in this chapter even while having them not leave a single suite. Brilliant!

I find I can't re-read this story often. And when I do, I have to spend a long time psyching myself up first, sometimes weeks! Because, your writing in this Phic is really that powerful. It's so emotionally wrenching to read, it literally cracks my soul open every time! It's the combination of the sheer beauty of your use of language and, of course, the total emotional roller-coaster ride you take the characters and reader on, especially in the last five chapters! Although, chapter 17 is pretty soul-wrenching, too. But in the best and most beautiful way! I think, too, that that effect also has to do with the way you blend action with deep character-development and emotion. It's so wonderfully vivid on so many levels! I always need to go listen to some great music and/or play piano for a while and/or write afterwards.

I re-read Volee this week-end, both to finally do a proper review of this chapter in context, but also as part of my Easter observance. Because, this story really beautifully captures the emotional journey from the grief of Mondy Thursday and Good Friday, through the waiting of the Vigil, to the joy of Easter morning. And it also really beautifully embodies the progressive Christian understanding of redemption being about love, both divine and human, triumphing over hate and fear and death, and also over oppressive systems of power. I thought of re-reading it for Easter because I knew the emotional journey would fit so well. But I have to say I didn't realize how well it would fit conceptually and theologically till now! So that's very cool too!

Anyway, I can't wait till you publish this story. Please put me on the list to hear about it the moment you do? Because, I'm totally buying it the moment it's released and plugging it everywhere I can! :-) And congrats again, both on getting to this point in the writing of this story and on your new (or not so new now LOL) baby!
4/1 c1 PhantomFemme du Pantages
Interesting! Like the change. I think it's still realistic, if perhaps less dramatic than the original version.
3/22 c25 Teen545
Aww, this was so...just sweet and wonderful! I love their little staycation to just be together before their adventure of a new life together! Love this story! Thank you!
3/22 c24 Teen545
Aww, very nice ending! Finally he comes to her, it's always hard reading stories where she, or even we, think he is dead, but so sweet when the truth comes out! Thank you for this wonderful story!
3/20 c19 Teen545
I am really loving your story! And this chapter was great! I love the boldness, and tenderness and heartfelt admissions. And holy, intense! I love their singing together, and just hanging out. I love that your story started where it did, and enjoy their traveling and all of Erik's places. Wonderful! Thank you! Honestly, I'm glad she wants to talk to Raoul first, I always enjoy a conversation where Christine must explain her choice to Raoul one way or another, especially a flat out I'm sorry but I'm inlove with Erik! We'll see lol. Either way!
3/9 c25 Phantomphan
First off thank Ver I have to say its been a long time since I found a good story and making Christine someone who not only saves Erik but herself as well, not a damsel in distress but someone who can stand i loved it I absolutely adored this story and will be looking into your others works as well . Please keep writing
3/5 c24 ElizB
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