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5/13/2016 c5 CobaltAsh
I loved your story so much! I admit that around chapter 3 I was pretty afraid that it would go towards reconciliation and I'm so happy that it didn't! There are entirely too many narratives that portray women in general (and Tenten in particular) putting up with their partner's shit because that's what *love* is (bleh!).

While I would've liked her to have lived and been happy in Suna with Kankuro, her declaring "I'm going to be happy and I'm going to be loved." as she joyfully left Neji made it for me. Honestly, I'm still holding out hope that she eventually did get out of the critical state and got her happy ending (Tsunade and Sakura are still around after all ;) ).

Also, can I just say how happy I was that Kankuro suggested transferring her to Suna as a ninja so she can keep pursuing her dreams (something which I'm sure is no easy task even when you're well connected to the leaders of both villages)? Because I loved that part so much! 3

I'm actually really curious what that 'burden of being a Hyuuga wife' is presented as, such that one has to be so thoroughly prepared for. I mean, I'll buy that the core goal is what Neji realized at the end (the Hyuugas can be that bad), but I'd expect them to wrap it up a bit more skillfully. Then again maybe they never needed to, since even Neji's so deep into their narrative that 2 or 3 mentions about how his mother did something bad has him convinced that "Yeah, my mom did whatever horrid shit I never even learned the details of!". Aaaah brain washing... such an effective little horror.

Again, kudos for the awesome story!
6/25/2015 c5 5jazzberryjuice
Well, that was unexpected. What a roller coaster!
Your story was unique, to say the least. I did think the end was rather abrupt, but maybe I was just too excited and was scrolling way too fast
Good job!
4/8/2011 c5 bubbles12345
Wooowww great story!
6/17/2009 c5 Pseudonym la Anonymous
omg this is great! :) keep it up.
2/8/2009 c5 19Emi.x
does... does she actually die... or is there a miracle :'(
1/6/2009 c5 tsukiYomi
Damn! This was a good story! The ending almost made me cry, seriously. Anyway, I hate Neji/Tenten fics and it's nice to know there's great couples like Kankuro/Tenten out there.So thanks for being creative enough to write something new. It's awesome how Neji got dumped and all.( Usually Tenten is

dependent of him and she's blindly in love with the bastard no matter how shity he treats her. So THANK YOU for keeping her in character.) But it's sad how Tenten died at the end... Anyway, will there be a sequel? Hopefully there is. I'd like to know what happens to Kiba.
12/18/2008 c5 38ga-mei
Holy shit this is good.

I was thinking she was gonna ditch Kanky at the end, but I was wrong. Unless something happens in the next one. Hope to read more soon!
5/27/2008 c5 15trilliumgt
That was harsh...a bit too harsh. I'm not one for wanting happy endings, sad endings are usually the best but you could have made a bit of effort to make someone happy. Now they're all miserable. Poor Neji.
1/4/2008 c5 Kyndal-Chan
Wow, that was... deep! I totaly loved it! I can't wait to see your next kanten fanfic... if you ever make another one! :(
8/7/2007 c5 45DiscoUnicorn
I loved it. Umm Neji could come to me. :)
3/4/2007 c5 mysterio1274
One of the best tenten/kankuro/neji fics i have ever read! please make a sequel! i love this story!
11/2/2006 c5 8OniGirl13
OMG that was so sad. *cries*

I loved it to death ^_^
8/25/2006 c5 1kawaiii
awh thats so sadd!
6/29/2006 c5 17H.E. Gray
Have to say, I was supporting the Tenten/Kankuro through the fic. A good fic, but it seemed a bit too hurried, especially near the end. I enjoyed either way. :)
6/27/2006 c5 31ALCzysz17
Oh my god i have tears in my eyes! i love this story...i hate that Tenten dies! YOUR EVIL!..but this was very cute and i love it...one of the best TentenXKankuro stories yet...please for god sake make another...this was great...and if you like Tenten and Kankuro check out my oneshot and story...great and wonderful story! you rock! but still...Evil!...hehehehehe...I'm out...

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