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8/27/2002 c2 jezzi
i love it! i hope your able to right more
7/2/2001 c2 6kLyn
Very interesting. Sothey each get a taste of the other's life...how are hey going to get back to their own reality? More, please.
6/10/2001 c2 Athena
Heyaz~! Guess who? OH man...so THIS is what you did during the term! LOL Just kidding~~~ This is good stuff! Seriously~! I especially liked the first chapter =) You've got plenty of great ideas. Keep it up and tell me when you write more! I can't wait to read it ! ^_^
6/3/2001 c2 Marie
intersting turn of events!...
5/27/2001 c2 Laura
i really like this idea what if you had Michael and Maria slowly (really) slowly start to forget who they were originally and then have Amy Beat Maria then her body starts to heal itself without her realizing it so she goes into acoma. Michael must explain to Liz and MAx what is going on only he has a lot of trouble and so on and so forth

5/24/2001 c2 Emma
OK, that was good. You need to work a little on your characters. I thought Michael was a little harsh at the beginning. And it could use a little cleaning up. But overall really good. You should write another part. I like it.
5/24/2001 c2 tabi0929
What a cool idea! A walk a mile in someone elses shoes is what they say and you are doing such an awesome job doing it! You have to hurry with more cuz this is wonderful!
5/20/2001 c2 Scarlet
Continue ... I like it so far!1
5/19/2001 c1 hols
This is great! PLEASE write more soon! :-)
5/19/2001 c1 1RoSweLLaDDict
Whoa.. what a turna round! I'm intrigued... post soon!
5/17/2001 c1 6Mariachica
This is a good story so far, I can't wait for more parts!
5/16/2001 c1 eli
please continue this and if possible inform me about it's progress. I loved the idea of Hank actually being a good parent. Can't say I've read anything like that before. I mean I've read a lot where they switched but not with their parents.
5/16/2001 c1 goo
uhhhhhhhhhhhh! holy sh** i love this story! hurry up w/ what comes next please. i totally like the wholeswitching personalities! please hurry.
5/16/2001 c1 sam
that was good, please add more to the story
5/16/2001 c1 Jaidon
I really like your "fic... kinda" so far. This is so for the Candy lovers who always wanted Michael to see how it felt to be tossed aside again... and again... In this can you possibly put Max and Liz together? I'm a fortified Dreamer! I hope you write some more soon. Maybe you should call this er... I really don't know so,..."If you only knew"? I dunno, just a suggestion! M/L, M/M, M/L! *sorry, couldn't help it*~ jaide
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