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for Shadows in the Night

11/22/2009 c18 Wyrd
Very well written. I enjoy attempts to merge stories, especially when written to be believable instead of silly. There are stylistic choices I disagree with. For example, expecting Beryl's manipulations, specifically mentioned as involving immune systems, to have created the virus that Stargate said forced the Ancients to ascend or die, maybe with the virus infecting a youma and transforming itself to create vampirism. I just have a feeling of something missing with that part of the story.

You do a good job of establishing and holding onto plot threads; many fanfic writers have a tendency to drop threads half finished, possibly because they, like you, are writing it in chunks.

I look forward to reading the rest at some point after you write it, or, if I get access to Morpheus's library, before.

If you don't recognize the reference, in Sandman, Morpheus, the lord of Dream, has a library of every book never written, including all those that people planned on writing or will write in the future, or just thought really hard about.
11/15/2009 c19 libertyrjac
I only just found this story a few days ago, and have been reading it every chance I get. I do'nt often look for SM x-overs because most of them are extremely juvenile and I don't think of SM as bubbly, sugary-sweet bimbos! So I really appreciate that story you've made of this unusual x-over. Blade & SM, so weird, but the imagination you have in putting them together is great! And it works! Which is mind-boggeling! So even though I'm late to this story I really hope you decide to dust this off and keep writing. Maybe you could even bring in the Sailor Stars or Whistler's daughter, that'd be interesting? Looking forward to more :)
10/30/2009 c19 6cai-ann
i really like the start of the fic, i really hope that you continue it. it's very unique.
7/23/2009 c19 2TheMello
K, this review should count for 80, right? lol I agree with the other reviewer, if you aren't going to update than PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't take them down. Even if you aren't going to write anything new for them, I'd love to be able to read and reread them!
7/19/2009 c18 TheMello
Please don't take this story down! I've been waiting for FORever for some more!
7/19/2009 c18 4BlackAdder42
Please keep up the Shadows in the Night fic! I've never seen this kind of crossover done before, and I'd really like to see how you finish this!
8/12/2008 c16 Wal
I LOVE IT, i recently founded this story and i just needed say that i love it.

Even tough i dont like stargate as a show, but i do like the basic idea of stargate.

Im little bit sad, because Endymion is not actually a earthling.

I wish you keep up good work because i want to see how the story goes.

I love this story.
7/30/2008 c16 2wildflower1014
I liked your tie in to the SG1 universe and I am looking forward to the next chapter.
7/27/2008 c15 9The Cuteness
Please update as soon as you can! This was awesome!
7/23/2008 c14 2wildflower1014
This was a great chapter. I liked the part where the senshi were becoming more like their past selves.
7/21/2008 c15 4Thereisnospoon303
Wow! It's certainly been a long time. I thought this story had pretty much been left to collect dust. I'm glad you decided to update it and continue seeing as it's well written and very dynamic.

I'll need to read back on some of the other chapters. It's been such a long time that I can't recall key parts of the story. See what you've done? HOW COULD YOU?

In all seriousness, I hope you'll keep new chapters coming in at something of a predictable pace this time around. Not that I have much room to talk...
7/16/2008 c14 26Wannabanauthor
that was great! update soon :]!
9/24/2007 c13 Becky
Hey! I know I have never reviewed any previous chapters for this story, but 'Shadows in the Night' is awesome all around. You haven't updated since December of last year, but are you going to finish it? I really really hope you do because I want to know if Usa saves her family, what will the new future be, and if Usa is not with Mamoru, then who will she be with? Hope to see another chapter soon! Ja

1/27/2007 c13 2xXBleachedSpartanXx
I'm a first time reader, and I am impressed at how precise you are with each character's emotions, actions, and reactions to the events.

I can honestly say that if there had ever been a lost season in which this would have taken place, that it would be exactly as you have written.

You have done a tremendous job, and I hope you continue.

You have just earned yourself a dedicated reader.

Keep up the great work.
1/6/2007 c13 26Wannabanauthor
i just read ur story and luvved it! so plz update soon!
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