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12/25/2006 c13 3PriestessHelene
Thanks for the update
12/24/2006 c13 2firelightz
this is a very intense story. I have enjoyed reading how well it all flows together. I am a bit sad that with each chapter seems to get shorter and shorter. I really liked bringing the other themes into the mix with stargate and lotr. Hopefull you will be able to continue to incorperate them within the story. Happy holidays
12/24/2006 c13 8GoldenRat
As much a this fic impresses me, it's a shame Crystal Tokyo must be sacrificed in return for these harder Scouts.
10/3/2006 c12 mystic soilder
I found this to be a great story. I like the plot and the way this story flows. This is a story I could see myself reading over and over again.
10/2/2006 c12 2Shin-Ora
I can't believe you were fired for such a bullshit reason! I'm sorry, and I wish you good-luck with that. Happy late 20th birthday!

This chapter seemed particulary dark. I mean, the mere thought of doing that makes me ill to my stomach. All the sailors seem so real. I've never seen them portrayed this way before, and I'm seriously enjoying it. Keep up the most awsome work!
10/1/2006 c12 8GoldenRat
Everybody's having breakdowns from killing. And once the vampires figure out that the blood of Sailor Moon allows them to survive sunlight, they'll never be able to stop. that's gonna suck.
9/15/2006 c11 1VegaKatt
I like your story and I thought I'd say so. I can't wait to see more.
8/30/2006 c11 8Tasie
Poor Usa and the others, I can only imagine what kind of impact an act like that would have on an innocent soul like hers. It's been forever since your last update, very happy to see you back in the fanfic game. This was a really good chapter, I can't wait to see how Usa handles the vamps that tortured her family...doest the term Berserker mean anything to you?
8/18/2006 c11 2Shin-Ora
This chapter was just as delightful as the last. However, That's about the jist of what I have to say. My mind is running on over-drive, and it's quite blank. So, Next chapter come, I'll make sure my mind isn't quite so blank.

Keep up the awsome work!
8/16/2006 c11 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Good job on the chapter... a bit short though...

Pls. update soon...
8/16/2006 c11 8Gallantmon of the Hazard
Hi, again! Well, I'm glad that there is no Blade/Usagi in this story! Personally, I'm a Mamoru/Darien fan, but I understand why you don't make him pair with Usagi/Serena.

Anyway, as long as this isn't a Blade/Usagi, I know that the couple will be great . . . I hope.

Well, great chapter anyway! Short, but very telling and sweet! Usagi is a pure heart and all, but in the world of Blade, the world is just like he says. I hope that she can adapt without losing herself or losing the will to fight.

Can't wait for the next chapter!

Later and best wishes!
8/16/2006 c11 8GoldenRat
This chapter clearly demonstrates why Neo-Tokyo no longer can exist now that the Scouts have met Blade. Poor Usagi, the embodiment of purity really isn't meant for the choosing the lesser of two evils type of war.
8/15/2006 c11 4Thereisnospoon303
A short chapter indeed, but it was still a telling one. Poor Usagi once again faces the horrifying reality that comes with teaming with Blade. I was hoping there would be a little more on the battle (maybe to see how the Senshi would put there powers together in an actual battle), but I suppose you'll save that for next time.

No Blade/Usagi! Thanks for clearing that up for us. You know, I had not thought about this but just because Usagi is no longer paired romantically with Mamoru, it doesn't mean she'll get together with someone else. I doubt that's what the end result would be, but maybe it'll be a bit of a surprise and Usagi may not find someone to link up with. You never know, right?

If you use Stargate SG-1, that means Jack O'Neill will be in it, and although I've never watched the show, I know he is played by Richard Dean Anderson. Does that mean we could be in for a situation where Blade and the Sailor Senshi are trapped and Jack has to use improvised tools to get them out? Wait, that's MacGyver... Still a fun thought though!

"Sorry, I don't use guns. But I can use this container of shampoo, an ice pick, and some baking soda to kill them."
8/15/2006 c10 2Silver Moonlight-81
Hi, I like this chapter, this is becoming better with every chapter, please continue, bye.
8/15/2006 c10 8GoldenRat
I'm liking this fic. The crossover has been pretty smooth. Though I do wonder how vampires escaped notice until now. Minor complaint about changing the relationship to friendship between Usagi & Mamoru, but that's just b/c they are my fav pairing.

The fact that Usagi's blood is basically the holy grail of blood to vampires...
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