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for Galactic Guardians(Original Version)(Discontinued)

4/22/2015 c10 gump1098
Your fanfic's like a box of chocolates. You never know what you are gonna get.
4/22/2015 c6 29Screaming Dean
This rewrite is better than what you wrote several years ago. I like how there's more filler in it, and how you've described what's going on better than you did before.
1/24/2015 c106 1Sir Thames
The merging of these fanfics proves quite interesting.
1/22/2015 c106 luger 7
Guns and Roses, dude! What a lotta chapters! Party on.
1/3/2015 c59 29Screaming Dean
I liked the way you wrote it at the beginning where the paragraphs had more filler to them. Keep at it.
1/3/2015 c58 Screaming Dean
I'm glad to see you're keeping this going, but did you need to update so many chapters at the same time?
12/11/2014 c55 3maryjane5000
I am kinda surprised that Terra's attack isn't water based as she is Water Pokemon Trainer but that aside I like this story but have a few questions for you

1) What's with the Name Game, why until chapter 7 do you keep alternating between the English & the Japanese names?

2) Is it because of the senshi power that the Poke Trainers can understand their Pokemon & if not then how can they understand them when in the canon the only time they understand them is with the help of Meowth?

3) You hint that this is after Saffron so that means Ranma's been cursed for over two years & has been locked twice for a month so how is it his/her first period?

4) The Girls decide that they'll give the boys a break you put (they won't be able to do that) but yet Ranma/Ren stated that their sisters can also transform so wynaut* allow to be senshi for awhile?

5) I can understand Ash & Shuu going female with no resistance but Ranma at one time thought he was fully female (Am I Pretty?) & he has been locked twice before without wanting to be a girl so why now does he go full female without having some resistance?

6) I know why Ash, Shuu & Ranma are OOC but why are Akane & Misty at times acting like airheads while Azusa is acting normal not to mention both Shampoo & Ukyo no longer seem to care about marring Ranma ?

7) If Ash & Misty are living/running the Pallet city gym then why would they need Misty's sisters permission to have people over since they are running the Cerulean City Gym/Aquarium Show?

8) At the end of the 1st movie Ash & the gangs memories are rewritten by Mewtwo so that don't know that they have meet so how can Ash can him?

9) In chapter 33 you say the Nerima & Jubban senshi have Pokemon yet it's never mentioned before that they had gone on a trip & caught them so how did they get them & what are their Pokemon?

*Please forgive the obviously bad pun
12/10/2014 c43 Guest
When they land & are complaining Ren says "Tell me about it" I think it would be better if "Yeah, well your not on the bottom now GET OFF OF ME!"
12/10/2014 c42 Guest
What happened to Happosai?
Did he escape, get purified or is he dead?
12/10/2014 c30 maryjane5000
I don't know why I thought of it but here's an Omake

"Tell us now or Prepare for trouble" Juno said
"Yes, if you don't we'll make it double" Ceres said
"We so need to know so that we can protect the world from devastation" Vesta said
"Yeah, then we can unite all peoples in our nation" Ganymede
"Tell us now or prepare to fight all of us" Phobos said
"Then we'll send you flying" Deimos said
12/9/2014 c7 Guest
It looks like your making revisions to the story because it sounds better then last time & I noticed you changing the names to their English versions but please only do it for the Pokemon characters as the Sailor Senshi Japanese names (while for the most part are the same) they are better then their English counterparts
2/5/2014 c56 maryjane5000
I like this story it's pretty good but there were things that I found that were wrong &/or could be improved upon to making the story better

1) The chapters are a little short
2) Some fight scenes lack action
3) Ren, Sayomi & Saika act like brain dead bimbos
4) The twins should have merged together rather then kill them off
5) Nodoka mention but never seen until her 2nd child dies
6) Lack of sadness over twins deaths Ranma could have fired a SHI SHI HOKODAN
7) Ryoga(A) gets lost after Satoshi intervenes & doesn't return
8) Shouldn't the Mau's (Luna, Artimis, Diana, Shampoo) or Pluto know how to cure the Neko-ken

9) Daily lives are ignored nothing about school/dating /hanging out/ training & sparing ( for Ranma & Akane)/poke-hunting (for poke trainers) & no poke battles or martial arts battles

10) Part of plot dropped Ranma pays Nabs off but she still informs NWC everyone goes to follow but then stops & stay in Nerima

11) Name confusion Kasumi & Kasumi, Hakura & Hakura th

12) the Starlights introduce themselves to Satoshi & gang as Sailors then in civilian then next chapter they "Reveal" that they are Sailors when they are asked how they can help

13) No need for everyone to ask the same (or variation of) question
(one example"What do you want to be called Chibi-Usa or Usa-chan?"..."Yes which do ya prefer?"..."Yes which?") by the time you get to the answer you could care less what they say because you just want to keep going

14) Why haven't the other senshi been asked if they want to go on a poke-hunt to find a poke-partner

15) Team Rocket only used once then disappeared (not sure if that's a bad thing or a good thing) but these idiots don't know the meaning of quit or beaten

16) Redoing a previous chapter (i.e: the explanation of how Satoshi gets cursed) wastes half a chapter especially when you can go back to it if needed

17) The NWC's martial arts skills are non-existent since they became senshi Look at Ranma his aura reading is gone because Pluto can scare him if he had his skills he would sense her arriving before she pops in

18) Ash vs Satoshi, May vs Hakura, Ranma vs Ranma(Ren) & Ryoga vs Ryoga...etc didn't happen dispite the crossover of the world's would been intresting to see them fight against each other
2/3/2014 c5 Y2Ranma
Great story so far but when Pluto says he'll be locked as his past self takes over Ranma should have said something along the lines of

"The Queen sent us ahead to be reborn, right Pluto?" she nods "I was a FULL time girl?" again she nodded "Then why has the queen allowed me to tortured by being reborn as guy who is then cursed to be a girl after beating into me that I had to be a man among men, locked in my curse form twice only to be told that I'm a magic girl & once again I'll be locked?" he waited a moment only to get no answer
screamed "ANSWER ME, PLUTO" before breaking down into tears
12/6/2013 c9 maryjane5000
Instead of them Sakura, Ranko & Sasami just coming out & having their own bodies I think it would have worked better if Ranma thought about using the Spring of the Drowned Twins in order to give them there own bodies
10/29/2011 c56 2ShippingMaster
Great Fic, I enjoy reading crossover and this was one of the best
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