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for The Dance Extended Ending

2/3/2014 c1 Mary
You know, I get that Jake didn't know Jasmine was a nix, but how did he possibly think she's human?! They were in ANOTHER DIMENSION. She said she was visiting family there. And despite the fact that they were surrounded by magical creatures and she had to have seen him transform, she didn't seem at all freaked out by any of it, which most human girls would be. Plus, no human girl gets THAT specific when telling a guy what time she wants him to take her home from a school dance.

Also, how does Rose not suspect ANYTHING in this episode? As a trained dragon slayer, she should have recognized that there was something more going on with Jake than a simple case of halitosis. Add that to the fact that after the dance, she couldn't remember anything and the fact that Jake's date had been acting weird and it's basically obvious what happened. Not to mention, since the Huntsclan is a pretty cultlike environment, it's totally possible that the Huntsman did a background check-type thing on Jakeā€¦in which case he would have realized almost immediately that Lao Shi is a dragon, thus making Jake also a dragon.

Well, hey, that's what fanfiction is for.
2/3/2014 c1 Mary
You know what you would be great at? A fic where Trixie and Spud find out the truth another way. I don't think I'd be able to pull it off correctly but with your writing style this could work. You could make something hilarious about that.

Like, what if they overheard Jake and Jasmine talking after the dance, and they realized Jasmine and Jake are connected to what's happened to them?
Or during The Talented Mr. Long, what if they realized that Fu is NOT a puppet?

Also, does anyone ever consider the potentially reeeeaaaally awkward yet hilarious conversation that could have taken place when they do find out? I'm picturing something along the lines of Spud asking Jake if dragons actually eat people, then a moment of awkward silence. Then Trixie smacking Spud upside the head while Jake starts laughing hysterically.

Speaking of Trixie and Spud finding out, what would have happened the day after? I mean, if I were Trixie, I would have woken up the next morning and been like, "That was one weird-ass dream." And then Jake, assuming she knows it was real, uses his powers in front of her and she's just like "WTF?! It was REAL?!" I have no clue what Trixie would have done for real, but I bet you could figure it out.
7/19/2013 c2 Mary
Jake's parents' first names are Susan and Jonathan
7/19/2013 c1 mary
Jake's middle name is luke
2/27/2008 c2 182Luiz4200
Good. I've never thought about a story on how Trixie and Spud got their bodies back. Were you inspired by the KP episode 'Mind Games'?
7/5/2006 c2 FoxieSango
Hey, thanks for reviewing my story! I read yours and I really liked it! I hope you do write that sequel! Great Job! ^^

Thanks again,

6/16/2006 c2 11purplewinx
First of all, I'd like to take a moment and just tell you that I'm glady you write a Trixie/Spud fic. It's nice to find one! Secondly, this fic is so sweet! I love it! I think the line that had me laughing the most was when Spud insisted that they kissed just because he saw something like that in a movie, and then he goes,"Well, it didn't work in the movie either."

That was good! But seriously, I look forward to reading more of your work! :)
5/3/2006 c2 Tenra the Elite
The Tutor eh, I'll have to look at that one. But good story it's awsome! I luv American Dragon and Kim Possible so much. I created a character for A.D.J.L. Her name is Mallet Sphere and she is the Atlantean Dragon. She lives in NYC. Another character is Tyler Cawg a.k.a Kirina or Tiger Claw. She is in love with Monkey Fist. And Mallet has a major crush on Jake the mac-daddy dragon of the NYC ya heard!
4/16/2006 c2 Bibs
That was really good and really gross! But mostly good. I love American Dragon Jake Long. Nobody but me and my sister knows that. What's with the make-out seen? It was kinda gross. Keep writing ADJL!
4/16/2006 c2 21waterfall tears
*snickering* I love it when he says, "Oh, man." I don't know why. Great chapter. Sorry I haven't reviewed. Either I'm too lazy, or I'm computer deprived, which is most likely my best excuse.
4/7/2006 c2 melissalovesdogs
Jake is a two timing double lousing nix kissing revenge getting cheating lover boy koochy smoochy rose a crazy freak. He falls for Rose and goes out with another girl and all of a sudden kisses Jas and doesn't tell her about Rose and soon after forgets jas and trys to get cozy with Rosie? That's juist messed up, yo.
4/7/2006 c1 melissalovesdogs
Jake's middle name is Luke, not Michael.
4/7/2006 c2 10The Lady Meow
lollies, i liked it, very unique, u cud use more description in ur chappies but thats bout it.


4/1/2006 c1 The Lady Meow
u no, i always wondered how they got back in their own bodies. update soon



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