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for Hear no Evil: Speak no Evil: See no Evil

9/22/2006 c8 2Slasharific
I really like this story...It's awesome...Oh, and could you write a sex scene for it?
9/2/2006 c8 3marauders4
Yay! I love all the hookin' up in this chapter! Though, I thought Sirius wanted to get back with Remus as soon as they got their hearing/speaking (respectively) back...Oh well, at least they got back together, right? I can't wait to see what other stories you come up with.
8/31/2006 c8 padfootslittlegirl
kingdom hearts didnt exsist back then...but aside from that it was good.
8/31/2006 c8 PaddyWaddy
Gods, finally,, i´ve been waiting so long for this chapter! But it´s great!

I love it!

The James/Lily bit is sweet!
8/31/2006 c8 1StormDarkblade
It's done D:

Nu. This story was awesome. xD Can't believe it's over -sighs- Oh well, I can't wait for more from you; this was just... great :D

Keep up the great work!

8/30/2006 c8 8The Miss Marauders
*snickers* That ending was good without the sex, yet it would be good with it...

I really enjoyed that. Very heart-warming, real emotions. You did brilliantly. This'll forever remain on my favourites, well done.


x Cazzy xxo
8/21/2006 c7 1crazysquirl
this story is so...there are no words
8/21/2006 c7 8The Miss Marauders
Noo you can't delete your stories-they're all brilliant!

There was one line in that I adored. I don't remember which one. *looks* This one: “Damn walls, we should have them banned.” Genius.

I adored that, but it didn't cover any romance or if the parents were dead...and whose wand was it that killed them?

Other than that, that was pure brilliance and I loved every second of it. Well done,


x Cazzy xxo
8/21/2006 c7 22PaddyWaddy
Everything will be alright, right?
8/21/2006 c7 1StormDarkblade
Oh wow. It's... over. Well, except for the epilogue, but thats just hard to take in. I love this story so much, &I hope they make up(Pads&Moony). The ending was really good too!

Keep up the amazing work!
8/17/2006 c6 StormDarkblade
Oh wow, I thought it was his Dad the whole time, but his mom? Or her ghost? Wow. I wasn't expecting that!

And gah! Now Sirius, James &Remus have something wrong from the monkeys! _
8/17/2006 c6 PaddyWaddy
Noo, Sirius is dying?AH, Remus save him!
8/16/2006 c6 6LuV2Writ3
Wow. You have rendered me speechless (which is quite a feat! ^_^) I was totally surprised with this chapter. This fic has suddenly taken a total change and has made me rethink everything I have ever thought about every character. Especially Remus's father.

I LOVE this fic. And I love being surprised. Usually I can figure things out before they happen. But this one totally blew me away. Which is awesome! ^_^

I never expected that I would feel sorry for Remus's father. And I never expected to actually like him...Just another thing to love about this fic.

I really love how you have incorporated the 'hear no ever; speak no evil; see no evil' into your fic. I always wondered why the title had been changed, and now I finally realize why. I love it. Never saw it coming.

I always love how your writing style is always so interesting to read. I never really realized just how long this chapter actually was until I was finished reading it. It seemed to fly by so fast..^_^ Awesome awesome!

I am extremely curious with how this is all going to turn out...Especially next chapter! What in the world is going to happen...well I have some guesses but I think I have taken enough of your time. ^_^

Another great chapter. Only two chapters, and an epilouge to go? I'm happy that you already have this planned out to the finish, but I'm also a little sad...HnE;SnE;SnE is going to be over! What am I going to look forward to after its finished...

^_^ Anyways, please continue soon! I love, I mean your story!

-x- LuV -x-
8/16/2006 c6 8The Miss Marauders
*sob* OMG poor John! So that's why...oh, it's so sad!

And James will never see, and Sirius will never hear...not that he'd be able to hear Remus anyway, because he can't speak...

Oh gosh, what an evil woman...

*hopes it all goes well*

ly, KIU it rocks!

x Cazzy x
8/16/2006 c6 6MagicalWinry
Can't wait for an update!
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