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5/22/2010 c4 5L.C. Techno
Just want to drop a line. I still love going through these.
3/22/2009 c6 Wenzen37
Kallifen and Mak are simply adorable.
3/11/2009 c28 Noir
Wow, finally we get to know something about Khaesilya. A bit surprising to know what she was like before the Silver Knife considering how cute and nice she is now.
4/29/2008 c27 Anony-nymph
I loved this drabble. It was RIDICULOUSLY cute. Ugh! Mak and ryn as kids is just too adorable! I was smiling through the entire thing! For a long time Mak's been a sort of hard character for me to become too attached to. I think this finally completely sealed the deal for me. It was just so great to be able to see him in a more human light. Mak's always so closed off and untouchable- only slipping up slightly. (He truly is like Kallifen's son!) But in this story he seems so regular. Like any kid. You can still see the Mak-ness in there, though, which is awesome. I don't know. It made me really attached to Trynis and Mak. I almost kicked myself when I realized that, HEY, it didn't work out between them! I got really sad. (But Mak BELONGS with Rainne so that made me happier) Gosh, its so realistic. It's a true telling of how people change, how unpredictable life is, and how, no matter how perfect something may seem, it may not work out. This short was wonderful and painful to me. It made me really think about how Mak and Trynis became what they are. How tragedy completely changed them and stuff. And I also got really sad when I remembered Kallifen and his death at Mak's hands. He killed his own father! *hugs Mak* Plus I thought about the other children, Mak's friends. I wondered if they died when Trynis's family was destroyed. So depressing. And I really REALLY thought about Mak's and Trynis's relationship. How they drifted apart. SO SAD! ugh. They were both forced to change so much. And even though they've become so different, the past is still painful for them and ties them together. It makes sense now why Mak's will wavers so much for her. It kind of hurts to remember how Mak went on that blood craze to kill Trynis. Then again, Trynis isn't exactly that micheivously sweet little girl from that drabble. But I'm glad that I'm finally able to understand the two of them better. Ugh, I really want a fullfledged story on Mak's past now... there seems like so many emotion-wrenching events and unforgettable moments yet to be uncovered. Consider it, okay Tom! (Just kidding! I know how super busy you must be! Hey, I can still wish, though, right? But I'm just glad that CT is still going~! I heart CT too much...)

It still amazes me that you're able to provide such drawing and realistic backstories. I seriously finished reading this wishing you had written a story on Mak's past. Honestly, I wish hundred of things in CT could be delved into with more depth- Zein, Sei, and Reiz's travels together; Mak's past; The former lives of Osiris, Joe Buck, and Isis; and so much more!- but then you'd have to spend your whole life writing!

Hahaha. Now I really want to go back and reread everything. Because I've learned so much about everyone, I feel like every moment I reread will have so much more meaning. By the way, I've already reread a few chapters and I will tell you this with no reservations. CT's reread quality is phenomenal! Good luck with life~! And I hope inspiration strikes you for the next chapter, isolated incident, parody, or story~! And if you EVER EVER officially write and publish something... you better tell us! Thanks for the amazing and unforgettable tales you've given us so far! I look forward to your next update!

((...Oh my gosh. This is so weird. I know I probably seems crazy, but I tried to look back into CT:Dusk at my reviews to make sure I was using a penname that you'd recognize. I know I left a SUPER RIDICULOUSLY long review for the very last chapter... But I looked... and it's GONE. So I got a bit weirded out and started looking back. All my reviews are gone... It made me kinda really sad. I wanted to see my reactions to the things that had happened. Plus there's no more evidence of my crazy obsession and support of this story. But's that's okay, I guess. As long as you (somewhat) remember me and know I'm cheering you on! ^^ ))
2/2/2008 c26 timo
REALLY glad to see you updating consistently now! (:
12/8/2007 c24 timo
hah. still around and writing them eh!

well done i'm still religiously following your updates, good job!

ps: was a really pleasing surprise to see two updates in a day!
12/7/2007 c23 5RicePaper
Chapter on Zein's parents! You had me confused there until the name Erina poped up half way through the chapter. *is slow*
12/7/2007 c23 3nashinashi
This was so fun to read! I love the lighthearted mood in here, even with Medrin's gloomy (but therefore humorous) attitude. It's nice to know he and Salnus are friends when they're such opposites, it makes them both even more likeable. And Salnus has such a cute personality! Goofy and much in love with Erina. I hope to read more about those two, they'd be such a great couple to read about (as are all the other pairings you've had so far, actually!) You're great at writing romance (or at least romantic characters), whether you think that is one of your strong points or not.

Anyway, loved reading about the characters from the past. And knowing about their future, grim as it may be.

Keep updating!
10/8/2006 c21 5L.C. Techno
Okay, this one features Maiha so this one is FTW!

"He had thought that he had at last found someone to relate to after a month of trying to figure out why assassins held on to their chins a lot or what the real reason was behind placing the temple of assassination in the middle of a desert."

If you were trying to be funny, you got me.
10/8/2006 c22 L.C. Techno
Ah me, I'm a sucker for background stories.
10/3/2006 c22 Kaori
Tom, you are an insane genius.

This is an amazing start to a backstory. I absolutely love how you seem to skip around in time, at what seems like the right moments; we already knew Mak grew up in Nightknife, and finally we learn of how he got there. This answers a lot of questions but brings up more, the most intrguing to me being: what was that voice, and what was its significance?

Anyway Tom, I hope you're doing well. My schedule's been all but pleasant, and I even had to go to the lengths of banning myself from art for a whole month (til my SAT test, ahaha) ~ Life's been rather disgusting recently but seeing the occasional sign of life from you has been comforting. I miss the old days when you updated daily and I had the time to drop off many annoying reviews. Anyway, as usual, I hope you're doing well, and again, I look forward to your next installation of CT!
9/6/2006 c21 Kaori
Oh wow, this chapter was amazing. I loved reading about Maiha, and finding out more about her personality. It also made me feel more sympathy for her, especially when it comes to Kreizen and Seihanine... and her family relationships. Reading about how she bought a tunic for Seihanine, and her seemingly upbeat and clueless attitude- no matter how fake it is, or perhaps because of her mask- made me rather sad. Somehow I did not expect her to act like this too much, but then again- pre Glashheim-turned-insane!Maiha (or before she was even more insane, I suppose) is a very interesting topic to tread upon~ (And aughh i use the word interesting too much, im sorry if that bugs you because that bugs me) XD

And Pfft haha, I thought her "quirk" would have been her habit of eating hearts XD;
7/18/2006 c20 Kaori
Ooh, something about Priestess Kerari! I hope we do find out more about her soon, she's one of those mysterious and powerful characters that are just dying for some more background stories (*cough*Raven, Lizan)~ Novice-Silmeia was fun to read about too XD Keep up the great work! (It's been such a long time since the last chapter!) *0* Looking forward to the next one!
6/2/2006 c19 Fermat's Last Theorem
Hahaha. PMS, eh? Eliarainne may be the fiercest of the knights, but in the end, she's still a lady... A humanizing aspect presented in such a light and witty way. I love it.
6/1/2006 c19 5Pasonia Seltia Keros
It took me a while to realise what the title really was all about... it's really, erm, alarming to see that Mak can actually talk about it so casually while Silmeia is, I reckon, blushing to the roots of her hair... even thinking about it.
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